“For the thyroid newbie”, this is an info guide for you who have become sick recently. but you who have been sick for a while might also find it useful, http://thyroidblog.com/en/for-the-thyroid-newbie/

Optimal thyroid levels. https://thyroidblog.com/optimal-thyroid-levels/

Reverse T3. I am looking at myths and misconceptions around this thyroid hormone. Plus looking at what makes for too high RT3 levels and what one can do to bring it down. https://thyroidblog.com/reverse-t3/

FT3 fluctuating levels when treating with medicine containing T3. https://thyroidblog.com/ft3-ups-and-downs/

Triac, English version. https://thyroidblog.com/triac-english/

Deiodinase. Conversion of thyroid hormones. https://thyroidblog.com/conversion/






This is a post mostly with info on NDT from Thailand and VietnamOur thyroid medicines

Conversion of T4 medicine to NDT. How do I figure out how much NDT to take? https://thyroidblog.com/synthetic-t4-to-ndt-conversion/

Some people claim, NDT has gone bad. and that it is better to take T4/T3 combo. this is incorrect. I tell you why here, https://thyroidblog.com/ndt-has-not-gone-bad/

This is a continuation on the quality of NDT, my thoughts on the recalls in 2020, http://thyroidblog.com/en/quality-of-ndt/

How is NDT made? And tested? How is NDT made?




Ldn. Low dose naltroxen. For autoimmunity and fibromyalgia. https://thyroidblog.com/ldn-low-dose-naltroxene/

Brian Haviland, the admin in the Facebook group, “Low dose Naltroxene (LDN), for chronic illness and infections”, has written an info guide on using Tramadol with LDN. I am posting it here in agreement with Brian,  http://thyroidblog.com/en/brian-havilands-tramadol-info-file/

The Iodine Protocol, high dose Iodine, https://thyroidblog.com/the-iodine-protocol/

Female hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, http://thyroidblog.com/en/female-hormones/

Estrogens in Menopause, time to change the recommendations. This is a translation from a Norwegian article on the research on HRT. It’s looking at the American study that made us fear estrogen, among other things. http://thyroidblog.com/estrogens-in-menopause/

Male hormones, testosterone decreases with both low and high thyroid levels. It should be tested with all thyroid sick men, http://thyroidblog.com/en/male-hormones/




About me, who am I ?   http://thyroidblog.com/en/about-me-2/

My story.This is my story with this disease and the doctors who have treated me. Or rather not treated me. It’s a little long, but can be of comfort if you feel disrespected and not heard. It’s not you, it’s them. https://thyroidblog.com/my-story/



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