“For the thyroid newbie”, this is an info guide for you who have become sick recently. but you who have been sick for a while might also find it useful, https://thyroidblog.com/en/for-the-thyroid-newbie/

Optimal thyroid levels. We need to be oprtimal on our thyroid levels. In this post you can find studies on what are normal levels, and my take on optimal levels on the various thyroid meds. https://thyroidblog.com/optimal-thyroid-levels/

Reverse T3. I am looking at myths and misconceptions around this thyroid hormone. Plus looking at what makes for too high RT3 levels and what one can do to bring it down. https://thyroidblog.com/reverse-t3/

Antibodies, part 1, Anti-TPO. This is the first part in a series on anti bodies and auto immunity, Anti bodies, part 1, Anti-TPO

Antibodies, part 2, Anti-Thyroglobulin. This is an antibody that patients focus little on. It is more important than you might think. https://thyroidblog.com/en/anti-bodies-part-2-anti-thyroglobulin/ 

Antibodies, part 3, TRAb/TSHR abs. People think, it’s only hyperthyroid patients who have these. Not so. there are 3 kinds of TSHR abs, and we hypothyroid can have the other two.  So of great interest to all thyroid patients. https://thyroidblog.com/en/anti-bodies-part-3-trab/

Do antibodies affect our symptom levels?  Looks like they do, which also makes sence. Here you find several studies on it, https://thyroidblog.com/en/antibodies-and-symptomsmptom-load/

How our free T3 levels fluctuate when treating with medicine containing T3. https://thyroidblog.com/ft3-ups-and-downs/

Triac, English version. https://thyroidblog.com/triac-english/

Deiodinase. Conversion of thyroid hormones. https://thyroidblog.com/conversion/



This is a post  with info on NDT from Thailand and Vietnam, plus Europeean compounding pharmaciesAnd glanduar products like Metavive. Our thyroid medicines

Conversion of T4 medicine to NDT. How do I figure out how much NDT to take? https://thyroidblog.com/synthetic-t4-to-ndt-conversion/

Some people claim, NDT has gone bad. and that it is better to take T4/T3 combo. This is incorrect. I tell you why here, https://thyroidblog.com/ndt-has-not-gone-bad/

This is a continuation on the quality of NDT, my thoughts on the recalls of NDT in 2020, https://thyroidblog.com/en/quality-of-ndt/

How is NDT made? And tested? How is NDT made?



Ldn. Low dose naltroxen. For autoimmunity and fibromyalgia. https://thyroidblog.com/ldn-low-dose-naltroxene/

Brian Haviland, the admin in the Facebook group, “Low dose Naltroxene (LDN), for chronic illness and infections”, has written an info guide on using Tramadol with LDN. I am posting it here in agreement with Brian,  https://thyroidblog.com/en/brian-havilands-tramadol-info-file/

Iodine for beginners. Most people with AITD suffer from iodine deficiency, but are scared to supplement. As doctors have a lot of misconceptions about iodine and scare patients. In this post I tell you have to supplement safely, and what to be aware of. https://thyroidblog.com/en/iodine-for-beginners/

The Iodine Protocol, high dose Iodine, https://thyroidblog.com/the-iodine-protocol/

Iodine for nerds. This is a post with advanced iodine info. https://thyroidblog.com/en/iodine-for-nerds/

Iodine for pets and children. I see people giving their children and pets crazy doses of iodine. They can damage their glands permanently. https://thyroidblog.com/en/iodine-for-children-and-animals/

Goitrogenic food. Many believe that us with thyroid disease need to stay away from food with goitrogens. That’s a misunderstanding, in my niew. You can read why here, https://thyroidblog.com/en/goitrogensafeforhypo/

Female hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, https://thyroidblog.com/en/female-hormones/

Estrogens in Menopause, time to change the recommendations. This is a translation from a Norwegian article on the research on HRT. It’s looking at the American study that made us fear estrogen, among other things. https://thyroidblog.com/estrogens-in-menopause/

Male hormones, testosterone decreases with both low and high thyroid levels. It should be tested with all thyroid sick men, https://thyroidblog.com/en/male-hormones/

Can being chronically ill also do something good for us? Is there development in being chronically ill? I share my thoughts and what helps me in tackling my disease(s).   https://thyroidblog.com/en/living-with-disease/

Mother Meera can help and heal, https://thyroidblog.com/en/mother-meera/

Physical exercise, we must use it to keep it. Here is a link to a very good trainer on You Tube, https://thyroidblog.com/en/exercise/

My tasty gluten free bread. I include this recipe, as so many find it difficult to make a good, gluten free bread, https://thyroidblog.com/en/my-glutenfree-bread/ 



About me, who am I ?   https://thyroidblog.com/en/about-me-2/

My story.T his is my story with this disease and the doctors who have treated me. Or rather not treated me. It’s a little long, but can be of comfort if you feel disrespected and not heard. It’s not you, it’s them. https://thyroidblog.com/my-story/



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