Some people will think, what has this post to do with thyroid issues? It has a lot to do with it. The body is only for a little while, the soul is for ever. And how we feel impacts our bodies in a major way.

Also, AIDT has to do with trauma in many people. I am not saying all. I will get back to this in a future post.

But anyway, I write on my home page, I will share things that have helped or help me. Mother Meera has helped me A LOT. She has helped heal some deep wounds in me. I had a dream many years ago, in the beginning when I first started visiting her in Germany. 

I dreamt I was in an enormous crater that had been dug out. Big enough for a sky scraper. There were these huge construction vehicles. In the middle, in a car on top of a mound sat Mother Meera giving me darshan through the window. That says something about the scope of my process. 

I am writing this now, in February 2021. I am thinking maybe you are a little down, maybe you feel lonely. Maybe you have had a hard time in these Covid times?  I was thinking, maybe you need some comfort. Maybe Mother can help you as she as helped me.

Mother receives visitors in a small village called Balduinstein in Germany. but you don’t have to go there to see her. She is meditating on You Tube every night at 7PM CET. You can sit and meditate with her.

Mother doesn’t talk much. She says, there are so many who talk. What she does is heal. But she does answer questions, and you can ask her things on her homepage. Or just ask for help with something. There is a button on the front page. You will maybe not get a reply on the page, but I know all questions are read out load to her.

There are many videos on You Tube with Mother. In some she answers questions. 

I have sent Mother many letters.  We used to do it that way earlier. I had a hard time in the first years I lived in Denmark. Physically, emotionally, financially. Mother was a big comfort to me. She still is, though life is easier at present.

I believe Mother is for us who have not been mothered. You might have had a mother, but still not been mothered. She can heal that wound. But for you she might do something else though.

Visiting Mother

If you should want to meet Mother in the flesh, after Covid is over, there are many ways for that to happen. Mother stays most of the time in Germany, but travels as well. She gives darshan all over the world. And has an ashram in India, where she also stays and gives darshan.  

You see a picture from Balduinstein over. Mother’s darshan hall is behind the castle you see at the top. It’s app 1 1/2 hours from Frankfurt am Main. There are 3 hotels in the little village plus a lot of people letting rooms for a reasonable charge. You find a list of all accommodations on Mother’s site. Mother demands that people don’t go over a certain price in order to be on that list. There are few shops in the village, bring some food unless you stay at a hotel. 

Most people stay for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday there is a meditation with Mother, on Saturday and Sunday there is darshan.

There are usually 2 to 300 people attending, but everything is very peaceful and quiet.  People defile past Mother. You kneel down in front of her, she puts her hands on your head. When she lets go, you sit back and look into her eyes. She heals with both with her eyes and her hands. Don’t worry if you cannot kneel, you will be given a chair. Children are also welcome. They receive darshan first, and then leave. But things change, so check on her site.

Everybody has the same expression on their face after receiving darshan. I cannot explain darshan, it must be experienced. 

In this video, you can see how a darshan takes place: