This is my guide to the thyroid newbie, everything I wish I had known way back when, FOR THE THYROID NEWBIE

Optimal thyroidlevels is my take on where we should lie on our levels, on T4 meds as well as T4/T3 and NDT. You find it here.

Reverse T3 is not the big bad wolf in the  thyroid system. Some sites exaggerate it’s importance. They base their claims on Ken Holtorfs article. But he has misunderstood. I believe  mine is a more balanced view, REVERSE T3 

Triac. This is just a short presentation of Thyroid Patients Canada’s article on the thyroidhormone metabolite Triac.  With a link. We get more Triac when dosing with T3 containing medicine. Triac pushes TSH down. Triac is a positive thing, it is good for us. You find it here.

FT3 peaks and valleys . It’s just an introduction to Thyroid Patients Canada article on Ft3 and T3 dosing. With a link. The article contains an overview of the current science.  Which is kind of lacking. I have also translated it into Norwegian. You find it here.

Converting/deioidinase . This post is mainly a short presentation of an article from Thyroid Patients Canada on converting, and what the 3 deiodinases do. You find it here .