This is just a short abstract of Thyroid Patients Canada’s article on Triac, . I just want to draw your attention to this metabolite. The quistionmark on the image, is meant to signify my surprice when learning of Triac. I had never heard of this thyroidhormone metabolite until I read Tania’s post. It is quite strange, as it has been studied since the 1950ies. I don’t think many of our doctors have ever heard of it.

So what is it? It is a thyroidhormone metabolite like FT4 and FT3 are. It acts much as FT3, it’s abbreveration is TA3. It has a much shorter halflife than FT3, about 6 times faster.

We all have some Triac, but studies have shown, that for us taking thyroid medicine, the levels differ quite a bit between those on T4 meds and those taking T3 containing meds. Those on T4 meds have lower levels than healthy subjects. Whereas those on T3 meds have higher levels than people without thyroid issues. The thing about Triac is, that it suppresses TSH. That means, that for those taking T3 containing meds, the hightend levels of Triac contributes to the suppressed TSH most on these meds experience. Together with the fact that people who take T3 also have fluctuating levels of FT3, which also suppresses the TSH, this explains the suppressed TSH that is unavoidable for most on T3 containing medicines. The important point is, this suppressed TSH does not imply thyrotoxicosis. Triac does good things in our bodies, it is not a negative to have high levels of it.

Can Triac help us patients?

When I first read about Triac, I thought, maybe this can help all of us who have suppressed TSH on T3 containing medicine. That maybe the doctors would understand, suppressed TSH is unavoidable when using T3. And that it is not the same as being hyper. But then I fell down again. I have adviced some to take this article to their doctor. But it’s probably no point. If you don’t understand that someone is not hyper when neither FT4 nor FT3 are over range, then I don’t really think there is much hope. Here in Denmark they don’t even measure FT3. Many not even FT4. If TSH is suppressed, then you are hyper. And your dose must come down. Triac is another world for them. A strange land they will never reach.