If you have a thyroid disease and or fibromyalgia, physical exercise is so important. If you don’t use your body, you will have a lot of pain and stiffness. I know that it can be very difficult when you don’t feel good, or maybe even feel bad. And I am not saying, push yourself beyond your limits. If your thyroid levels are too low, hard exercise is absolutely contra indicated. 

But a short walk is always possible. Here in Scandinavia, we walk a lot. it’s something you could really learn from in other parts of the world. Bob is absolutely right when he says in his hello video, that walking is the best thing for Hashimotos. I have never gone on a walk, and not felt better for it. Having a dog is a big help. You have to walk in all kinds of weather. But of course, you have to be able to walk every day to have a dog. 


Bob is out, walking the old lady. He is always looking for something to eat, turds being a favorite 😱


I am not talking about long hikes. Just daily walks around where you live. I still remember the cultural shock, coming to the US for the first time in 1995. I took a morning walk around the neighborhood. Men driving by thought I was a prostitute!  I was staying close to a mall. so of course, I just walked over there. The Americans drove. They are really far removed from what is natural for human beings. I don’t even think they walk their dogs! You cannot feel good in your body when you live like that. Walking is so important for our minds as well. Try it, and tell me, I am wrong. 

Walking is a tradition in Norway. When I was little, it was frowned upon if one didn’t go for a Sunday walk. Of course, Norway is a beautiful country to hike in. But I am sure, there is beauty where you live as well. 

I live in Denmark now. Here is also nice. But the tradition of walking in all kinds of weather, I have from my home country, Norway. In Norway we have the saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” The Danes are staying in in bad weather. Which is good for me, as I get to feel on my own for a little while, walking in the rain. I am used to a lot of space in Norway, Denmark is much more densely populated. Nature is the best medicine. We are part of Nature, remember.

Fefor, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway



I started exercising on a regular basis when I turned 30. I have worked out at many studios, but I have always worked out at home as well. Now I only work out at home. There have been many periods where I just haven’t felt up to exercising, but I always come back to it once I feel a little better. I intend to work out for as long as I live. 

I have found this great trainer on You Tube that I want to share with you. Many of those posting workout videos on You Tube, seem to be doing so mostly to show off their toned bodies. Not Jenny. She is a physiotherapist, as well as a trainer. 

She calls her channel, for seniors and beginners. But I can assure you, you get a good workout. 

I discovered Jenny about a year ago. At that time she only had a few videos of her actual classes. But during Corona, her channel has exploded, and she is posting new videos almost every week. There is something for everybody. Weights, rubber bands, step, yoga, aerobics. She always has options for all levels. She even has a sit down exercise video. And that is a good exercise! I was doing it when I had some issues with my foot. 

She has a great video for stiff neck and shoulders.

Jenny has that rare ability of making people feel good about themselves. I always feel good after doing a workout with Jenny.  

Try one of her early videos as well. This is a favorite of mine:


I hope this is an inspiration. If you don’t train much at the moment, I promise you, even a little exercise will make you feel better. In every way.