Our thyroid medicines

This is just some info on the lesser known NDT’s and glanduar products. It is not a comprehensive overview, but info that is harder to find. I include info on Thai thyroid and NDT from European compounding pharmacies. It is perfectly legal in the EU to import prescription medicine for 3 months personal use. 

Thai thyroid

I  want  to give you some info on Thai thyroid.  There have been lots of changes in Thailand. There is a lot of confusion. I do believe that what I write here, is correct. I try to keep it updated.

Both TR Man and Thiroyd (Greater Pharma) have not had their licenses renewed, so they are out of production.  I have been told, this has happened before, and the producers have gotten their license back later. But it has been a long time now, so I doubt it will happen in this case.  Thyroid S is still being made, but they have been short on raw material.  But as of today, November 21, they are producing more again. But I don’t think things are back to normal. I comment more on this below.  

Thyroid S by Sriprasit

60 mg tablets, porcine contains:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3

Thyroid extract USP, lactose, PVP K90 ( water soluble coating), Avicel, microcrystalline cellulose, Aerosil (binding), sodium starch glycolate (dissolves the pill), Eudragit (coating for sustained release tablets), methocel, talc, red colouring, Aluminium, yellow colouring, titanium dioxid (white), PEG 6000 (binding), Dimethicone.

Good news! Sriprasit has increased production again. AND they now sell directly to customer. You need to write to surang@sriprasit.com

Bad news as of 28/2-23. Sriprasit has started to ask NEW customers for a prescription. You can see our mail correspondence at the bottom of the page. If a new customer doesn’t have a prescription, he or she can only buy 1 bottle at a time. I do believe one can make repeated purchases. It has become quite expensive, see latest comments below.  Old customers are not asked for a prescription, and can buy more than 1 bottle. Weird rules if you ask me.  

Apparently, it can take a little time to hear back from them. But once the process is in motion, things happen fast. They will write back with prices and payment and so on. Prices has gone up, I can’t give you an exact price. People ask me, if Sriprasit is to be trusted. Yes, 100%.  

I have only tried Thyroid S recently, that is in 22. I bought a bottle to try it out. I must say I was a little disappointed about the potency. I had to increase my dose on it. I know people say it has become weaker after they changed supplier. They could not get raw material a couple of years ago, you know, when we could not get Thyroid S. They changed supplier and now work at full speed again. It’s not a big problem, all you have to do is increase your dose. I am sure it works differently for different people. We don’t absorb the same either. But I did just get a message from a French woman. Her FT3 had come down from 6 pmol/L to 2.9 pmol/L on the 2022 Thyroid S. She had some from 2021 left, and after starting back on that, her levels rose back up.  You might want to try Vitalithy.    

 People ask me about reliable shops. I can vouch for this shop http://thyroidshop.com/

He can repack as vitamins, if you need that. Natakorn always replies and speaks good English.  But it’s much more expensive than Sriprasit. 

NB! Please scroll down to the more recent comments. People are nice, and update me in comments about what is going on with Thyroid S.


Someone wrote me on my Norwegian site, that rrumours now are floating around, that Thyroid S now might contain mannitol. And people apparently believe that mannitol works in a way that the medicin is absorbed faster. And some also believe, that the thyroid levels then falls again. This is totally mistaken. Mannitol can make the uptake a little poorer, because it makes things go 20% faster through the small intestine. BUT they are unsure if this even happens with such tiny amounts as is in a medicine tablet.  I have looked at a study on the new and old formulations of Levothyrox where they talk about mannitol. I won’t go to deeply into this here, but this is what it says on mannitol. So uptake is not faster, but poorer. If anything at all. And thyroid levels can’t fall faster depending on the fillers in a medicine. Once the hormones are released from the fillers, they degrade the way thyroid hormones degrade. Thats is with a half life of 7 days for T4 and 24 hours for T3. 

But none of this matters, as Thyroid S does not contain mannitol. And it would not make sence for it to contain mannitol, as it’s a slow release formulation. The last thing they would add is something that makes things move faster.  I have contacted Sriprasit and this is what they said

Thank you for your inquiry. Below is a reply from our product manager here.

“Thank you for your suggestion. Our Thyroid-S doesn’t contain mannitol in the formulation.”


Tru Thyroid from Pim Pom

Tru Thyroid is a new NDT from Pim Pom ProductsIt is porcine. Pim Pom makes it themselves. It is a supplement, not a medication. But it is a NDT, not a glandular.  But here in April 22, I hear disturbing news about Pim Pom. Seems like there are issues. They have always been poor at replying to emails, but seems it is worse now. I have written Chris to have some clarification, but haven’t heard back. I would think everybody now order directly from Sriprasit. I can’t tell you if Tru works or not. I would prefer Thyroid S for sure. 

1/2 grain, 32 mg contains

19 mcg T4

4,5 mcg T3

Microcrystalline cellulose, Dicalsium phosphate, Magnesium stearate. From 20 July 2020, sodium starch glycolate is added.

I don’t know how well it works, it is certainly weaker than the other Thai NDT. One needs to up one’s dose, with 20% at least.  I have tried it, and stopped again. I don’t think it is consistent, that is, the same amount in each pill.  Chris says himself, that it is not a medicine so one cannot demand consistency.

The Real Thyroid from Eastern Pharmacueticals

This is a NDT from Vietnam. It is porcine. 60 mg contains:

36,3 mcg T4

9,7 mcg T3

65 mg seaweed powder

10 mcg potassium iodide

3 mcg selenium yeast

Dextrose, corn starch, Avicel PH101, PVP K30, Ethanol, Talc, Magnesium stearate.

As you can see, they have added a little iodine and selenium. There is a high T3 content. I don’t know why that is. I write about differences in pig’s thyroid here, Quality of NDT . I do wonder at this high T3 content, though. It is quite unique. I am a little skeptical about this T3 content. It’s a legit business for sure, I have nothing negative when it comes to trustworthiness. 

Update Feb-22: I had seen people saying, it does not work that well. But I have just seen, someone reporting, that it works well for them. The person had been on Armour previously, and had labs from both the Armour and now the Real thyroid. Their FT3 was higher on The real than on Armour on the same dose. Which makes sense, as there is more T3 in the Real. So very positive!


Here in June 22, I have some great news to share. The Real Thyroid has started making a new product that will be sold as a supplement. AND it will be shipped from within the EU! I have been told, the cost is 140 US dollars. I don’t know about shipping.


The European seller contacted me a couple of months ago, and asked if I wanted a test bottle. I said yes, as long as  he understood that I would write exactly  what I thought of it.

Here in September 22, I have tried out Vitalithy for a couple of weeks. IT WORKS FOR ME. I have not done labs, and I won’t either. I have only tried it out in order to post a review on it. I have taken my body temperature and pulse a couple of times a day though. And they have been fine. I will go back to my regular meds now, and use the rest of the bottle later. I can say that it is more potent than my old TR man. But then my TR man is quite old by now, past expiry. That said, I liked Vitalithy and might buy some later. It is also more potent than Thyroid S for me. But then I was a little disappointed with the Thyroid S bottle I got a few months back. I found it a little weak, as I wrote over. 

I  have this email address for the seller in Europe:


But you can order from their homepage


They ship from within EU via the seller over. He also ships to the UK and Norway. For all other orders, they ship from Vietnam.

 I was a little disappointed with the customer service from Vietnam. I have sent an email I never got a reply to. The Europeean seller is promt.

 It is said  to contain:

36.9 mcg of T4 and 9.1 mcg of T3 per capsule (60 mg)

30 mg prunella vulgaris

10 mg ashwagandha

6 mcg selenium yeast

Gelatine, Dextrose, Magnsium sterarate, PVP K30, Ethanol 96%

It is registered as a supplement in Vietnam, and will be sold as such here in Europe. Some people will maybe be worried about the selenium and herbs. The amounts are very small, I wouldn’t be worried about that. Ashwagandha is usually taken in hundreds of milligrams, and so is prunella. It’s a herb that is said to help against inflammation and other things. Selenium is not one of the minerals one is advised against taking at the same time as thyroid meds. 

It’s in a capsule, and the capsule is dark blue. I don’t like the blue color. I can’t find out, what blue color is used. I hope it is a natural color.

 The Real Thyroid from Eastern Pharmacueticals

This is a NDT from Vietnam. It is porcine. 60 mg contains:

36,3 mcg T4

9,7 mcg T3

65 mg seaweed powder

10 mcg potassium iodide

3 mcg selenium yeast

Dextrose, corn starch, Avicel PH101, PVP K30, Ethanol, Talc, Magnesium stearate.

As you can see, they have added a little iodine and selenium. There is a high T3 content. I don’t know why that is. I write about differences in pig’s thyroid here, Quality of NDT . I do wonder at this high T3 content, though. It is quite unique. I am a little skeptical about this T3 content. It’s a legit business for sure, I have nothing negative when it comes to trustworthiness. 

Update Feb-22: I had seen people saying, it does not work that well. But I have just seen, someone reporting, that it works well for them. The person had been on Armour previously, and had labs from both the Armour and now the Real thyroid. Their FT3 was higher on The real than on Armour on the same dose. Which makes sense, as there is more T3 in the Real. So very positive. 

Thiroyd  by Greater Pharma

 As mentioned, it’s not produced anymore.  It’s an uncoated pill, porcine. I don’t know the fillers, but it contained:

35 mcg T4

8,31 mcg T3

TR from TR Man 

is also discontinued, unfortunately. They were sustained release, like Thyroid S. Porcine. Small, pink pills. It was gluten and lactose free. It contained:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3


If you visit Turkey, you can get thyroid medications without a prescription. They have this synthetic T4/T3 combo; Bitiron. It contains:

50 mcg T4

12,5 mcg T3

Lactose (from bovine milk), Starch, PVP K-30, Alcohol and Magnesium stearate.

The hormone content is app. that of 90 mg NDT. But keep in mind, synthetic thyroid medicine is more potent than the organic. I would think 1 tablet Bitiron is more like 120 mg NDT.

NDT from European pharmacies

There is a lot of good quality NDT being compounded in Europe. Prescription only.  I have been in contact with 3 pharmacies, and these three all claim, they never have any shortage of product. All of them ship to other countries, but I think within the EU only. You must ask them. They accept old fashioned paper prescriptions.


I have used NDT from this  pharmacy in Vienna for a couple of years, https://weltapotheke.at

1 grain contain

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3 

It was a simple process, and they are easy to work with. I paid by calling in my card info. Or one can pay with Paypal.

They make one with  cocoa butter only, and that is the one I am trying out. They also make NDT with regular fillers. One can choose. I have tried asking them to send me some info, but haven’t gotten anything in writing. They answer willingly on the phone though. So call them for info. 

They have all kinds of dosages. For me in Denmark, 100 pieces x  3 grains  costs app 150 Euro plus shipping. The price will depend on the VAT in your country. There is a new rule in the EU now, we pay the VAT of our own country. Unfortunately. Here in DK, VAT is 25%.  The VAT in Austria is only 10%, so the actual price there is around 125 Euro for 180 mg x 100.

Your doctor can write a prescription for 6 bottles x 100, and you can draw on the prescription several times. 

I don’t like it as much as I thought I would. The medicine is absolutely working, that is not the issue. But it gets absorbed so fast, that I actually have the FT3 peak already after 20 min. And not the 2 hours I usually have.  You can read more about FT3 peaking  here.

I feel the peak is bigger than for other NDT I have tried. The hormones are bound to fat, hormones are normally transported in fat . Maybe this makes for an immediate and total absorption? I do divide the 180 mg capsules. it’s easy to do with a sharp knife. I wouldn’t divide and take the next day though, it’s not an accurate divide. 

I think maybe I will try the one with fillers next time I order. I will update as I go along.  I have started dividing the capsule in 3, and this helps. But I don’t really want to dose 4 times a day. I usually do 3 doses.


They are the makers of Thyroideum Holland, https://www.natuurapotheek.com/index.php/en/news-and-information/thyreoidum-english

35 mcg T4 

8,28 mcg T3/60 mg

They have more detailed information on their site.  They seem less friendly, in that they discourage contact by phone OR mail. But of course, a customer must be allowed to make contact.  The doctor can contact them directly with a prescription. Their NDT is more like ERFA, in that it contains 35 mcg T4 and 8,28 mcg T3. Their latest price list is from 7/20. I am not sure that’s an updated price. They have several strengths. It seems a prescription is good for one year. I believe the product is good. They write, that they have a limited supply, and one can therefore only get meds for 3 months at a time. In contrast, Weltaphoteke told me, they are never short, and I could have 600 capsules at a time if I wished. I will stick with them, as I also prefer a NDT with 38 mcg T4. My FT4 gets very low on a 35 mcg ND. 

This NDT is a little cheaper than Weltapohteke, as far as I can make out. 


This is a pharmacy in Munich who makes Thyreogland, https://www.kloesterl-shop.de/kontaktformular– I have linked to the contact page. I cannot find any directions for prescriptions. There is an ordering form, but I would have to contact them before ordering. I have talked to them a long time ago. The pharmacist is very friendly and speaks good English. In Germany, a prescription only lasts for 3 months. So make sure your prescription is recent. They have their very own system of strengths. But it is a NDT in the strength of 4:1, like most NDT’s.  They call it  Thyreogland 5 to 100, where 5 contains 5 mcg T4 and 1,25 mcg T3, Thyreogland 40 40 mcg T4 and 10 mcg T3, Thyreogland 75, 75 mcg T4 and 18,75 mcg T3. So you see, the number refers to the T4 content. So Thyreogland 40 will equal app 1 grain Armour, with Thyreogland 80 equals 2 grains Armour. 

They use rice starch only as a filler. So very clean. and they also have T4 liquid and T3 liquid. I can’t find prices, you must ask.

Glanduar products

People also use other products, glanduar products like Thyrogold og Metavive . These are not NDT, these are made from the whole thyroid. They may contain less hormone. But some people find they work very well for them. Others don’t. You can read more about the difference here.

Lots of people I have talked to, do well on Metavive.  They have changed their formula, added something they call RNA complex. So that the capsules that once said 30 mg now weigh 80 mg. Make sure to order from the .com site, not uk., if you are living in the EU. 

There are two Danish FB groups for people using Metavive, but I haven’t found any English speaking groups. If you know of one, please leave a comment below. It can be helpful to share one’s experiences. I do believe, people discuss Metavive in UK thyroid groups. 

There are two kinds of Metavive, one porcien and one bovine. The one from swine is more like NDT, and the one most people prefer.  The bovine contains more T4 to the T3. It is cheaper.

Update on the NDT situation

The African Swine fever has been, and will continue to be, a big problem for us. But it seems it has abated in China. And they say themselves, this epidemic has led to more hygienic conditions on the pig farms. Hopefully, the epidemic won’t be able to spread as much here in Europe, where the farming standards are higher.  At least in terms of hygiene and veterinary support. I know it has reached Germany in 2020, but it hasn’t spread dramatically. I really hope it won’t, because Germany is a large producer of NDT. 

It’s not only thyroid medicines that are affected either. Heparin is also in back order. We might have to turn to thyroid tissue from other animals, from sheep and cattle. 

Tips for absorption and timing of doses

Thyroid S is sustained release, it’s not meant to be chewed. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. I. do it with TR Man, which is the same as Thyroid S. I have had to increase my dose a lot in later years. It becomes very expencive.

I have found that increasing my stomach acid has helped.  Stomach acid is very important for absorption. We hypo thyroid very often have low stomach acid. I was able to decrease my NDT dose by 20% after starting Betain HCL with every meal. I also make a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt in a glass of water, and have a sip with every dose I take during the day. I started with drinking it all in the morning. But noticed, that I absorbed the morning dose better than the later doses, so have started doing it this way. How I noticed? I got more of a FT3 peak, felt the medicine more. And I also see that I can reduce my dose. Salt is very important for stomach acid. 

And just for your info, I take 1/3 of my dose as I go to bed. You think, WHAT! How do you sleep? Actually, thyroid healthy people have a higher FT3 at night. There is so much going on in the body at night, and our day’s supply of cortisol is produced in the early hours. It’s very important to have T3 for that. You might have heard of the CT3 method, where you set the alarm early, take your medicine and go back to sleep? Paul Robinson came up with that and it works great for many people. Not for me, I don’t go back to sleep. An admin in a Norwegian thyroid group started taking his whole dose at night, and now we are many who do this. I would not advice taking one’s whole dose at night, as the half life of T3 is 24 hours. But 1/2 or 1/3 works very well. Try it! You can read more about how T3 behaves FT3 UPS AND DOWNS IN T3 THERAPY 

Dear Mr. Stang-Lund,


Thank you for your inquiry. Now, we require a prescription only for the new customser. In order to obtain the highest efficacy, the administration of Thyroid-S should follow all directions on the prescription label issued by physician, practitioner, healthcare provider, etc. who will regularly adjust their doses.  We therefore would like to ask a new customer for a prescription for Thyroid-S.

However, without a prescription, new customer can buy only one bottle from us.

Looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,
Surang Duangjai (Ms)
Import/Export Department


I wrote this back. I havn’t heard anything since.

Hi again

Thank you for your reply. I am  sad to hear that, as I know in what desperate situation people find themselves . It’s almost impossible to get a prescription for NDT in many European countries. Speaking for Europe, I would say, if you can get a prescription, you had better buy your NDT from one of the excellent European compounding pharmacies. That is legal within the EU, to import prescription meds from within EU for your own use. Rather than buy Thyroid S from the other side of the world. 
People take the chance of loosing Thyroid S in customs, because Thyroid S is their only option to stay healthy. So this is very serious for people. 
I would understand your argument, that people’s doctors should monitor their dosing, if it wasn’t for the fact that very few doctors know how to do it. Which is why so many are left underdosed with hypo symptoms. That’s another reason why people buy Thyroid S. So that they can monitor their dosing themselves. They simply don’t get enough medicine from their doctors. I explain how to monitor your dose on my blog. Temperature and pulse are the best measures. They tell you how much hormone the cells actually get. A blood test tells you what’s floating around in your blood. I also have a post on optimal blood test results.
I hope you will reconsider. At least let people buy 2 bottles at a time. It’s so important for us with thyroid decease to know we have enough meds. Otherwise we get stressed. I don’t think you need to worry about people becoming overdosed. If you knew how many hundred of thousands of people, or rather millions, are underdosed. That is the problem in the world. Not overdosing. 
Anyway, thank you for your reply. I hope you will reconsider, and that you will let me know if you do. So that I can update the info on my site. 
All the best, Liv 


I have recieved an email, warning me about this site:


It was previously called T3supply.com. Apparently, many have been scammed by these people. I haven’t tried to buy something from them myself though.  They ask you to transfer money to an account in Montenegro. DON’T TRANSFER MONEY TO MONTENEGRO.


  1. Catti

    Dear Liv,

    Thank you for this great blog, it´s truly a well of useful information!

    The site you warn about is indeed a scam. I ordered from them a couple of years ago, when they still used their old name (supply3.com). They asked me to transfer money to a bank account in Montenegro. I never heard from them again and never received my order. When I tried to contact them, the website had disappeared. Then, about a month ago, someone on a UK thyroid forum recommended this new site (thyroidstore) to me. It seemed good so I placed an order for Thyroid-S. I was so happy to have found it at a much lower price compared to when you order it from Poland. Imagine my surprise when I received an email asking me to transfer money to the exact same bank account in Montenegro. I wrote back, saying “how stupid do you think I am, you fooled me once and I lost 200 €, there is no way I am paying you another cent”. Their reply? They are perfectly honest people who just happen to use the same bank account. They even claim that the name of the bank account holder is a very common one in Montenegro, like John Smith in the UK/US, so I should not assume that they have anything to do with supply3.com…these people will really do anything to take advantage of desperate people. They may deliver once or twice, to make you trust them, and then they will stop and your money will be lost. Or, you will not receive anything at all, which is what happened to me two years ago. When I contacted a moderator of that UK forum where it was recommended to me, I was told some people join the forum as members (required to post) in order to find customers for that scam site. You cannot name suppliers on that forum, but there are constantly people asking for sources by private message, and these people are just waiting to contact them and encourage them to buy from this site. It´s very clever and very cynical. They make a fortune this way, then disappear and resurface under a different name. Thank you for including this warning.

    • L S-L

      Hi Catti!

      Thank you for sharing. I am so tired of all the criminals flooding the world. It creates such a feeling of distrust and feeling unsafe. It certainly wasn’t like this when I grew up, and it’s often people from outside Western Europe trying to rip us off. I don’t think I would ever shop from someone contacting me like that. That’s a red flag. IN SHORT, NEVER BUY FROM ANYONE IN MONTENEGRO. Shame on you shitbags, may karma hit you HARD.

      You are aware that you can get Metavive from an EU site? https://www.the-natural-choice.com/Metavive-II-Porcine-Thyroid-Complex-80mg-90-capsules.html
      I know one admin on TPAUK claims it doesn’t work. I respect that that is her experinece, but I know many people for whom it works very well. Many people here in Denmark use it, and it’s a life saver for them. There are 2 Danish Facebook groups for Metavive users. You might have already tried it, but if you haven’t, maybe you should give it a try? So much less hassle. And I can promise you, you won’t be cheated.

      Blessings, Liv

  2. Joni

    Just paid for my order of Thyroid-S with Paypal. The price has gone up a lot, but just thankful that I can still buy it. The current batch was manufactured in Jan 2023, so I hope there is no problem with potency. As a repeat customer the process was super easy.

    • L S-L

      Hi Joni!

      Thank you for the update. NDT keeps very well if kept out of humidity, like out of the fridge. I have NDT that is several years old.

      Blessings, Liv

  3. Sarah

    Just a quick note to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into sharing this info, and helping so many.

    I was so relieved to find your site, trying to manage this alone can be incredibly hard! Do you by chance know of any US thyroid support forums? The UK options are good, but I can’t find anything specific to the US, in terms of product availability.

    I’ve been using Thyroid-S for a couple of years now (oh how I wish Thiroyd were still available, that worked so well for me), and, as you suggest, have just contacted Sriprasit at the address above as I need to buy more. Grateful also for the reminder to check temp/pulse rather than just going by feel …!

    • L S-L

      Hi Sarah!

      Thank you, it’s so nice with some praise I don’t know any US groups when it comes to availability. I think it’s easier to get NDT in the US than in Europe. So maybe not as much need. But if someone knows, please comment. The best places are here and the internet forum TPAUK. And I would think, you need updates on the situation internationally. And that you can find that here and at TPAUK.

      Yes, Thiroyd was very good. I maybe shouldn’t tell you this, but I still have some. And TR man. Which was also very good. The NDT most like Thiroyd, is the Canadian Erfa. They both contain 35 mcg T4 and app 8 mcg T3. But I guess, you can’t get that.I have posted some new info on Vitalithy, if you would ever want to try that. Thyroid S is cheaper though, when you get it from Sriprasit.

      Yes, taking one’s vitals is so important. If everybody did that, no one would be under dosed.

      Keep coming back, hope you read some of my info as well. Have you looked at my post on anti-TPO? There are so many misunderstandings about antibodies, and what really harms the gland, Antibodies, part 1, Anti-TPO. Iodine is also so important, Iodine for beginners

      All the best, Liv

      • sarah

        Hi Liv,

        I hope it is OK if I update our conversation from last year – I have found your site so very helpful, and with so many of us looking for this information I feel it behooves us all to share what we can!

        I successfully ordered 2 bottles of Thyroid-S directly from Sriprasit last year (I like this product fine), and w.r.t. your post above about their new requirement for a prescription before ordering, thought it worth sharing that when I contacted them again this week this requirement is waived for anyone who has placed a previous order. So, I *could* re-order 2 bottles – but the price has increased by 50%, and is now over 10,000 Thai Baht (300 USD). I find that a pretty significant increase, and so I think I may go a different route this time (Bitiron).

        For those looking for a Thai NDT, my experience was exactly as you describe above – Sriprasit were a little slow to respond initially, but things moved quickly when I placed the order (I was able to pay via Paypal) and they were perfectly helpful. If it weren’t for that price increase …

        Once again Liv, thanks for all your time and effort on the site. To your good health!


        • L S-L

          Hi Sarah!

          Yes, it’s great that people share info here on the post. I think that was what I wrote, that if you had ordered before they made the prescription rule, could order 2 bottles without prescription. But that new cusomers can only order 1 bottle at a time. So as long as I don’t hear otherwise, I think I will leave it at that. At least, one can buy without prescription. I belive, shipping is included. But I don’t know if shipping is less for 2 bottles.

          Yes, it has become expencive. but still cheaper than many other NDTs. I hope Bitiron will work out for you. And thank you for your kind words.

          Warm regards from Liv

    • Kristina

      Could you please inform me in regards to the check temp and pulse method? Thank you

      • L S-L

        Hi Kristina!

        It’s very simple. You take your temperature first thing in the morning. It has to be rectally or vaginally. My morning temp needs to be 36.5C, 97.7F. Then it’s usually 37C or 98.6F in the daytime. When my temperature is good, I have taken both my early morning pulse and daytime pulse. So I know where I personally need to be. Which is around 72 in the morning and 78/80 later in the day. I just use my telephone, I take my pulse for 15 sek and multiply with 4. You can use an app as well. But do not use an app for temperature taking. Use an old fashioned thermometer, if you got one. Otherwise a digital. I have gotten a mercury thermometer on Aliexpress. Together with those little plastics wrappers for it. You can also take your blood pressure. I don’t do that. Pulse is a very easy, fast checkup for your thyroid levels. Pulse should not be low. I lived with low thyroid levels and low pulse, low blood pressure and low temperature for years. So I know, low pulse and temperature are NOT normal.

        All the best, Liv

  4. Betty

    how long does NDT take to work ? i started Thyroid-S on June 22, 2022 (28th day today of taking it). i don’t feel any changes, brain fog, yawning all day, tired, no motivation, no changes in weight, armpit temperature checked every 2 hours when awake and it ranges from 35.7 celsius to 36.1 celsius and never higher than that. i take 5 grains (?) the bottle has 500 of the tablets and i take 5 each morning when i wake up with plain bottled water. i do not eat or drink or take any supplements until 1 hour after that. i take an organic multivitamin that does not have iron , it has selenium, zinc, iodine, vitamin d and everything else thats needed. i dont eat or drink dairy at all. this is so frustrating i feel like crying

    • L S-L

      Hi Betty!

      I hope I can help you. It’s a little bit difficult when I don’t know what meds you have take before, or what dose. You are taking a large dose NDT now. I must assume, you took synthetic T3 before. Otherwise that dose of NDT would be a LOT of T3 for someone not used to T3 medicine.

      I think the problem lies in the way you take your temperature. It’s a rectal temperature that is the most correct. Or vaginal. I actually took both this morning, I usually do a vaginal temp, and they were the same. An under armpit temp can be over 1 degree lower, some even say 2 degrees. You can google it. So try doing a vaginal or rectal, and see what it says. I use an old-fashioned mercury thermometer. It’s more accurate. I got mine from the Chinese Amazon, Aliexpress.

      And don’t take your temp. so often. In the morning and afternoon is more than enough. You are stressing yourself. And don’t only look at the temperature, look at your pulse and not the least, how you feel. I feel the pulse is the better indicator for me. I know what are my good pulses, around 70 first thing in the morning and 80 later in the day. Pulse is more individual, but in the 50ies or 60ies is too low for a grown woman. I do it the old way, count while timing it on my phone. For 15 sek and multiply with 4. Or you can use a pulse watch or app. And how do you feel? Are you cold, tired, constipated? Or do you feel quite good?

      Dosing only one time a day is not a good idea. The half life of T3 is 24 hours. It has a peak a couple of hours after ingesting, stays on a plateau for 10 to 12 hours and then starts going down. Your FT3 will be at it’s lowest in the early morning where the cortisol is made. T3 is very important for that. Healthy people have a higher Ft3 at night. I do 3 doses, Am, 5 PM and right before I go to bed. And yes, I sleep well on that. If you don’t feel like doing a night time dose, do morning, midday and around 6 PM.

      I hope this helps.

      All the best, Liv

      • Betty

        thank you for the reply – you are correct, i was on pharmaceutical T3/T4 combination from Turkey called BITIRON, 4 pills each morning, but this was back around 2014 and 2015, and not taken since then , each pill is 50mcg of T4 and 12.5mcg of T3 (so i was getting 200mcg T4 and 50cg T3) daily in the morning only and i felt great back then. unfortunately i cannot get it anymore, so i was having high hopes that this Thyroid-S would be even better as it has T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.
        i checked vaginal temperature today and it is 36.4 celsius , i have high blood pressure and my pulse is always in the 85-100 BPM range — i feel cold and tired, not constipated (but this is due to my gallbladder removal surgery many years ago – so my bile constantly flows when i eat something and i go to the bathroom 2-3 times a day as a result ) — i hope maybe its just that the NDT needs to be taken for at least 8 weeks or so before it starts building up in the body since its a hormone – thanks again

        • L S-L

          Hi again!

          This really belongs on the Q and A page. If anybody reading this wants to ask me about their situation, please look under CONTACT.

          I am a little confused. I don’t know if you have been on T4 mono lately, or no meds. I only want to add, that 300 mg NDT does not equal 200 mcg T4 and 50 mcg T3. That’s a mega dose. I would think it’s more like 420 mg NDT. You cannot translate synthetic to NDT mcg to mg. You are probably still underdosed. NDT does not need to build up. If 36.4 was a morning temp, it’s not too bad. If it’s an afternoon temp, it’s too low. I would increase my dose by 30 mg at a time, wait a week and increase again. I would divide the pills. I know they are very hard, but try. You must absorb very poorly. I don’t absorb that well myself, but not as bad as you. Maybe you should look at your gut health or whether you are too low on stomach acid. You could also try chewing the pills. They are slow release. But it could be, you would absorb better that way.

          With that kind of doses, I hope you can find a doctor to prescribe synthetic T4 and T3 for you. It will become quite expensive with the NDT. I hope you take some blood tests as well.

          I hope things work out for you, Liv

  5. Anna

    There is a new prescription-strength NDT available from Eastern Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of Real Thyroid). It´s called VitalThy and has only been available for a couple of days so there are no reviews about it yet. My supplier informed me of this in an email last night. It contains 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3 per 60 mg pill so exactly the same amount as Armour, Nature-Throid and Thyroid-S and the discontinued TR, and slightly more than Thiroyd and Erfa.

    Each capsule contains:
    60 mg of Pig thyroid extract: (38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3)
    30 mg of Prunella vulgaris,
    10 mg of ashwagandha extract
    6 mcg of selenium yeast

    I will not be buying this as I don´t like the fact that they add things like ashwagandha and selenium. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen used to treat adrenal fatigue, and you cannot assume that every hypothyroid person needs ashwagandha. From what I have read, ashwagandha will LOWER cortisol (it´s often sold as a stress management supplement), and many hypothyroid people have low cortisol to begin with and that is what makes them unable to tolerate T3. And, even though we are often told to take selenium when on thyroid hormone replacement, I am not sure it´s a good idea to take it WITH thyroid meds…after, we are often told to take vitamins and minerals at least four hours away from thyroid hormone to ensure optimal absorption of thyroid hormone.

    In Real Thyroid, they put potassium iodide and seaweed, and now they add an adrenal adaptogen and selenium to its new product (plus Prunella vulgaris which seems to have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties). I am not sure it´s a good idea to add anything to thyroid hormone medication as you cannot know that every hypothyroid person needs it. I´d prefer for them to only use necessary fillers (cellulose, sucrose etc) and then let people add whichever supplements they need themselves.

    It´s a shame, since two out of three Thai brands have been discontinued and people are desperately looking for alternatives. Along comes this Vietnamese company with two different thyroid hormone replacement drugs…only they added things to them that I would prefer to take seperately if needed (only after having a true deficiency diagnosed).

    VitalThy is sold in 250 ct bottles and each bottles costs 140€ from my European supplier (possibly less if ordered from manufacturer´s website).

    I hope you will get some feedback on VitalThy when it has been available for some time and that you will post it here! It would be great if it turned out to be a reliable alternative to Thyroid-S and other prescription brands.

    • L S-L

      Hi Anna!

      Thank you for sharing this info. It’s the product I had already written about above. I have now updated with the info that it is now available. I have a slightly different info on the hormone content. I would not worry about the herbs and selenium. See over. They probably have to add something to sell it as a supplement. I don’t think it hinders absorption. But one would have to try, see what dose one needs.

      Yes, this can be great news for us. I am excited to see what people think. The seller said he would send me a bottle to try, but I didn’t receive anything as yet anyway. I won’t be ordering, as I have plenty of meds at the moment. I will certainly report and post anything people write me about it.

      Blessings, Liv

      • Anna

        I know which seller you are referring to and, quite frankly, I am a bit worried. He used to sell Thai NDT. When Thiroyd and TR were discontinued, there was only Thyroid-S left. All of a sudden, this seller claimed (in private messages to customers) that Thyroid-S had been reformulated and was working less well since (the alledged reformulation has been denied by the manufacturer, Sriprasit). It turned out this alleged reformulation of Thyroid-S (making it work less well all of a sudden) coincided with Real Thyroid´s release and the fact that this European supplier is the European representative of Eastern Pharmaceuticals…so it would be in his best interest to promote Real Thyroid and VitalThy instead of Thyroid-S. I am not saying he is dishonest as I don´t have any proof of this, but I do know this: Real Thyroid has been reformulated THREE times (according to this seller) due to various complaints by customers. The pills are huge and impossible to swallow unless you chew them up first. They are very chalky and don´t dissolve easily. Now, the same company starts producing a new NDT drug with completely different fillers. I am not going to try VitaliThy unless I see some very good, objective reviews about it. I have not found any positive online reviews about Real Thyroid so far and I can understand why. I will look out for reviews, but I have to say I don´t have great hopes for VitalyThy either. It´s such a shame Thiroyd and TR are no longer available…they were great, worked just as well or even better than Armour and Erfa, and were incredibly cheap compared to prescription NDT. I can only hope Thyroid-S will remain available. Please post any feedback on VitaliThy here as it would be very useful!

        • L S-L

          Hi Anna!

          I will certainly post any info I get on how Vitalthy works. I think you are a little too negative. What if it works great? I have read good reviews on the Real thyroid. I won’t hold it against them if they tweak their product based on what customers tell them. I am sure it’s a learning process. I think it’s quite difficult to make NDT. Thyroid S has been reformulated. I have never bought it until a few months ago. When I bought a bottle just to try it out. The pills now are greenish grey, and I can’t see that they are coated. I thought they were white, coated pills before. I see people discussing on internetforums like TPAUK, whether it’s just the raw material that has changed, they have changed suppliers. Or whether the fillers also have changed. I can only say. it seemed a little weaker than TR Man to me. But we all absorb differently. I do see others writing, it’s a bit weaker. But that is not a big problem, one can adjust one’s dose.

          So let’s be openminded and hope for the best. I hope this seller is to be trusted, and that he treats his customers well. He never sent me the bottle he himself asked me if I wanted. But that does not stop me from promoting him. My only and sole concern is for people with thyroid disease. That they can get the meds they need to feel as good as possible.

          Blessings, Liv

          • Anna

            Where is the info that Thyroid-S has been reformulated? I have only seen patient forums speculate that it has been, but no confirmation from the seller. The pills have never been white, they have always been light brown. I don`t think they are coated, though; the TR pills (bright pink) were sugar-coated. I think the reason Thyroid-S should not be chewed up is because it contains a slow-release agent (Eudragit).

          • L S-L


            This will the last of this. I have heard from Chris at Pimpom that they have changed supplier. They could not get raw material as I am sure you remember. Then they found a new supplier, I believe in China, and they could pick up the production pace again. I would think that the raw material is the only thing that has changed, but I don’t know. No NDT producer ever informs about reformulations. And yes, it contains a slow release agent, I write about that in this post. But if a medicine doesn’t seem to work for you, try other ways of ingesting it. We hypothyroid often have major digestive issues. People say it has become darker, but I don’t know about that. I have used TR Man myself plus Thiroyd myself.

            I have received a sample of Vitalthy and will be trying it out.

            All the best, Liv

  6. Betty

    are there fakes / counterfeits of THYROID-S in Thailand ? just wondering about the sellers on Ebay , the genuine thyroid-s paper boxes are supposed to be sealed in factory plastic ? the ebay ones just have a piece of sticky tape on the top

    • L S-L

      Hi Betty!

      I can’t answer that. I have never heard of it. But why do you shop on Ebay when you can get it much cheaper from the producer, Sriprasit? You find their mail over.

      All the best, Liv

    • Sarah

      I was wondering the same thing. I just got some thyroid-s off eBay from someone in the US, because I needed it quickly. He said he purchased it straight from the manufacturer in Thailand. It seems legit as far as I can tell, but who knows? I sure hope it is!!

      • L S-L

        Hi Sarah!

        I don’t think counterfeit NDT on Ebay is a big problem. Sellers would be reported, and blocked by Ebay. Thyroid shop repacks and is 100% trustworthy. But it’s more expensive.

        All the best, Liv

  7. Kristy Fletchee

    I emailed surang@sriprasit and received a quote for 2000 tablet on April 19 for 13000 baht, which is far more than the 4000 you have stated. Something is a miss. They are way too expensive through these people.

    • L S-L


      I don’t know how you calculate, but you are actually getting it cheaper than 4000. 3250 for 500 tablets. That is very cheap NDT in my world. I would like to see cheaper NDT.

      All the best, Liv

  8. Sonja Cress

    I ordered a bottle of Thyroid S from Pim Pom 3-4 weeks ago. I haven’t received it and I haven’t heard from Chris at all, whom I’ve been ordering from for a couple of years now. I emailed him several times asking about my order and nothing! A few months ago, I also ordered Thyroid S and he sent Tru Thyroid by mistake so he sent the correct order and I paid for both orders anyway because I could put them all to good use and he apologized for the error. I send screenshots of my money transfers to show I’ve paid and he just ignores me now. Basically, he’s taken $250 from me for nothing and I have no recourse. I can no longer trust him and I’m ordering straight from the manufacturer. If my order magically shows up or he contacts me, I’ll gladly update my comment.

    • Brigitte

      2 meiner Freundinnen haben auch bei Pimpom bestellt für jeweils 200 Euro und keine Ware erhalten…auf Emails wurde nicht reagiert…mir macht das Angst, da ich Tru Thyroid nehme und Nachschub brauche , mich aber nicht traue, dort zu bestellen und Geld zu verlieren…sehr dubios :-/
      viele Grüsse

      • L S-L

        Hi Brigitte!

        I do understand some German, but this will be the only comment approved in any other language than English. I am very sorry to hear such things about Pim Pom, seems like it’s going down. But I have just added info on a new thyroid medicine or supplement over, called VitalThy. Maybe that can be an alternative? It will be shipped from within the EU.

        All the best, Liv

  9. Michelle

    Very informative posts so thank you, I will certainly follow as I’m struggling to find and NDT that works for me. I tried the new Thyroid S but nope, unfortunately most give me the shakes and sweating . The only one that did work initially was TR man, for about a year, I even lost two stone with no change to diet , the first time in fifteen years but then it stopped working. Tried Thyroid, ThyroidS, Metavive and last year Armour but that is proving very expensive although it did seem to work better than others. I will read through again later when I have time and maybe look at another alternative. Thanks for posting this blog ,☺️

    • L S-L

      Hi Michelle!

      This sounds like dosing issues. Ever since I was diagnosed 22 years ago, I have had to tweak my dose all the time. I don’t know why this is, it’s certainly not because I produce any hormone myself. But many people are like this. What you are describing, are overdose symptoms. I would think, a dose decrease would take care of that. I follow my pulse and temperature, and dose after that. I also take blood tests, but these other two are what’s most important. I write about it here, Optimal thyroid levels

      I would try Thyroid S again, and dose after temperature and pulse this time. You must give it some time, and even when you have found the right dose, you may need to tweak again and again. That is the nature of the beast.

      It’s also very important to find a dosing regime that fits you. I dose 3 times a day. Morning, 5 PM and just before going to bed. If I was to take my whole dose in one go, I would get a very high FT3 peak, with palpitations and sweating.You might say, before bed? Can you sleep? Yes, I sleep better. Thyroid healthy people have a higher FT3 at night. It’s very important to have a good FT3 level in the early hours, when the cortisol is produced. So consider how you take your NDT.

      All the best, Liv

  10. bill

    can you take thyroid S under the tongue like I have done with thiroyd or does it need to be swallowed. I found with armour and thiroid that I do not need a higher dosage is taken under the tongue. Thanks for your site.

    • L S-L

      Hi again Bill!

      Thyroid S is sugar coated. It contains slow release agents, and is meant to be swallowed whole. It’s supposed to dissolve in the small intestine. Try that first and see how it works. I have been taking a similar pill for a while, TR Man. I have very poor absorption, lack stomach acid. I have come up in a high dose NDT, unfortunately. I started to chew my TR Man, and could decrease the dose. We often have low stomach acid, it’s well known that we often have atrophied stomach acid glands. The doctors don’t understand the reason for this though, which often is iodine deficiency. I have started to take Betain HCL with my meals, but also take some apple vinegar with my NDT. I make a glass in the morning with 1 tablespoon apple vinegar and a little salt. And take some sips with very dose. I dose 3 times a day.

      Be sure to look into iodine if you are not feelin 100%. It’s often what’s missing. I personally feel warmer, more awake, my dry skin is so much better plus some. I have a post on it, Iodine for beginners

      Just some tips. Take what you need and spit the rest out.

      All the best, Liv

  11. Bill

    Thanks for your great resources. I just ordered thyroid S directly from the manufacturer at a substantial discount from other online retailers. I contacted them at the email address you provided in your article Sunday evening. I received a response Monday morning with prices. I ordered and paid via Paypal today, Tuesday morning. Their prices are listed in Thai Baht so you have to convert to USD, Paypal does it for you when you pay. Thanks again!

    • L S-L

      Hi Bill!

      Thank you, I am always so happy when I hear my blog helps someone. And thank you for telling me, you paid with Paypal. As the last commenter, is that a word? told me, Paypal had stopped payments to Sriprasit.

      As you are a man, I will just remind you, that hypothyroid men (and women) are lower on testosterone than the thyroid healthy. Even with optimal thyroid levels. We should all have the option to get testosterone. I myself am very low, but can’t get it here in Denmark. i have looked at the science on this Male hormones

      Blessings, Liv

      • Sonja Cress

        This is the most informative blog on thyroid I’ve ever found! Even STTM isn’t this thorough. THANK YOU!

        • L S-L

          Hi Sonja!

          Thank you for those kind words. You have also made a comment about a purchase you have made from Pim Pom. I won’t publish that comment, as I think 3 to 4 weeks is not a long enough time. I know that Chris has big issues with his customer service, but he is not a thief. I have heard also from others, asking me, if he has closed down, as they have not been able to make a payment. I have therefore sent Chris an e mail. I will update the medicine post in a few days, according to what I learn. I would advice people to get Thyroid S from Sriprasit anyway.

          All the best, Liv

  12. Jenny

    Do you know anyone who has done well on Nutri-Meds Bovine thyroid (it’s desiccated gland). Just wondering. I have used that in the past, but didn’t have the opportunity to get an optimal dose, as my doc put me on a prescription thyroid. I have recently been using Thyroid-S, but have been having strange anxiety symptoms since being on it (on 1.5grains, and thinking that’s too much).

    • L S-L

      Hi Jenny

      No, I haven’t as I have never heard of that gland product. Bovine gland contains more T4 than porcine. That Thyroid S dose you are taking, is tiny. You would have to produce hormones yourself for that to be sufficient. It sounds like you have been sick for a while. Then it’s very seldom that one still makes a lot of hormone. Most people need at least 2 1/2, 3 grains is a common dose. Though many take much more than that, myself included.

      So I think you are under dosed. Take you temperature and pulse. If they are low, you are hypo for sure. I hope you will read my post on Optimal thyroid levels post, and compare your levels with what I recommend there.

      All the best, Liv

    • Norma

      Hello Jenny,
      I used Nutri-Meds. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near the strength of Thyroid-S. I became very under-replaced, with all the usual horrible systems, and have taken many months on Thyroid-S to come back to normal.

  13. Chana

    Thanks for such an informative blog.

    Is Thyroid S considered a real NDT? If so, why do you not need a prescription for it? On one hand it sounds very convenient and is relatively cheap. On the other hand I worry about long term quality control.

    Alternatively, what is your opinion about compounded T3/4? I don’t see that on your site. If I missed it please direct me. Thanks.

    • L S-L


      It is good NDT. It is not prescription in Thailand. I live in Europe. We only have compounded NDT here, not synthetic T4/T3. As far as I know. If I used synthetic T4 and T3, I would want to have them separately. As I would want to be able to tweak my dose. If you are talking about compounded NDT, I have linked to several compounding pharmacies. I am not sure I understand what you are asking.

      All the best,Liv

  14. Janie

    Thyroid-S, the Sriprasit seller, emailed me yesterday as I was trying to buy thyroid-S on their site. They previously used Paypal for payments. The lady from Sriprasit said Paypal will no longer let them us their site for payments because Paypal does not allow sales of thyroid-s. She said they are looking for a new payment gateway and she will contact me when the site is able to sell Thyroid-S again.

    • L S-L

      Hi Janie!

      OMG, what is wrong with the world, that it hates us with hypothyroidism? What have we done, except wanting to have healthy thyroid levels like other people? It’s exhausting!

      Thank you very much for telling me, I will add a comment to the post, ask people to check the latest comments. I know Pim Pom uses Western Union. It would be great if you wrote back after you hear from them. I hope this hasn’t left you short of meds. One needs to have a stack at home. If I don’t have meds for at least 6 months, I feel nervous.

      If one lives in Europe, I think people should look into the European pharmacies. I ordered from Weltapotheke, and it was an easy process. I have a doctor now who will prescribe. I can say, the medicine is working. But so many haven’t got such a doctor, and I really hope Thyroid-S will continue to work out. Thyroid-S is not cheaper than the European compounded medicines anymore.

      Blessings, Liv

    • Sonja Cress

      That’s weird because I ordered from them and used PayPal 3 weeks ago and had no problems whatsoever. PayPal must have reinstated their service to them.

  15. dee

    Is the Thyroid-s a legit seller? I have my doubts since they’re paypal account is a gmail address. I would love to know if you’ve received legit products from them. If so, what an amazing resource. Thank you

    • L S-L

      Hi Dee!

      i understand your concern, but can assure you, they are 100% legit. It is the producer themselves, Sriprasit. I haven’t bought from them, but scroll down to the more recent comments, and you will see testimonies from people who have. Good luck!

      Blessings, Liv

    • Sonja Cress

      Totally legit and great customer service! It only took 19 days to get to me in the U.S. Not bad!

  16. Tsj.

    Where is the best value thyroid S available to the U.K. available from?

    Tru thyroid did not work for me, TSH went to 14. Not fully recovered yet.

    I run out of TMan in a few months☹️.

    • L S-L


      I don’t know about that. I believe it’s from Sriprasit themselves. You find their e mail in the post. TPAUK is a good place to stay informed on Thai thyroid. Some of the moderators are very negative towards Metavive though. Which I find unfair, as I know many doing well on it. I think I would try that personally. See if it works. There are never any delivery issues. And the pigs have a good life.

      All the best, Liv

  17. Joni

    Hi Liv, Thanks for the invaluable info! Just wanted to report that I successfully received my Thyroid-S order from Sriprasit within a week of first contacting them. Very friendly, fast and efficient service from them.

    • L S-L

      Hi Joni!
      Thank you so much for sharing that. I never heard back from Alexandra in the comment above. But I am pretty sure, it was a case of shipping delay. Thailand didn’t have much covid last year, they were hit this year. And had a huge, sudden increase of cases. It’s on the way down, but numbers are still high. So just keep that in mind.

      Be well, Liv

  18. Alexandra

    I wrote to the email address you posted above, surang@sriprasit.com. I paid a significant amount of money and was told that my thyroid meds would arrive in 3 weeks. It’s now been over 6 weeks and the tracking number I was given says the meds never left Thailand. Buyer beware.

    • L S-L

      Hi Alexandra!

      Sriprasit is a company that has made NDT for years. They will not cheat you. Sounds like you haven’t contacted them. I think you should do that. I think it’s Covid that has happened. There is a large outbreak in Thailand at the moment. I don’t think you need to worry, not when it is a tracked shipment. Please report back, what happens.

      Blessings, Liv

      • Alexandra

        I’m not sure why you assumed that I did not contact the company. Of course I did. Eventually I did receive the thyroid medication. I took it for 4 months and slowly my thyroid sumptoms began to return. I tried increasing my dose, but I was still too cold to function when I woke up in the mornings. I have now switched to a combination of levothyroxin (T4) and liothyronine (T3). Hopefully, some better quality natural thyroid medication will be available in the future.

        • L S-L


          It did not sound like it, and you did not mention it. Like I said, Sriprasit would not cheat people, and they didn’t. There is a pandemic going on. Thyroid S is loved by hundreds of thousands. I have heard so many say, it’s the NDT that works best for them. You will maybe be offended by this, but I suspect this is a case of under dose. If all you did, was up the dose one time. It takes time to tweak the dose on a new medicine. I see this a lot, especially in US groups. People have not taken the time to become optimal on a new thyroid med. But declare it as bad medicine. And if all you go by, is feeling cold and other symptoms, I would start taking my pulse and temperature at the very least. One should do bloodwork to. But everybody may not have access to that.

          Of course, we are all different, and absorb differently. Chewing the pill can help. Thyroid S is supposed to be absorbed in the small intestine, slowly. But if one has SIBO or other gut issues, this might not happen as it should. Finally, stomach acid is very important for absorption. And people with Hashimotos often are low on stomach acid. As for good NDT coming, there is lots of good NDTs. And Thyroid S is one of them.


  19. Alexandra Ayers

    Thank you for all the excellent information!

    • L S-L

      Thank you, Alexandra! It’s so encouraging to get a comment like that

      Blessings, Liv

  20. Julie Anne Quaid

    I tried Tru thyroid and I am really quite ill now. I am in a constant state of anxiety and exhaustion. When I purchased it I had read that it was about the same as thyroid-s so I took the same 2 grains. I just had my TSH checked and it is 13!!! Up from 0.01. I feel awful. I will up my dose in the hopes it does something at least until the thyroid-s arrives. I literally feel like I am dying 🙁

    • L S-L

      Hi Julie!

      This is not good. If it is one thing I hope to impart to as many as possible, it’s taking one’s vitals. That is, temperature, pulse and some also do their blood pressure. A morning temp under 36,5 is under dose for sure. And it is better at 36,7 or 36,8. When it comes to pulse, it’s more individual. One needs to find one’s own sweet spot. I need to be at 70 or 72 in morning pulse, and 78 to 82 in the daytime. If one follows one’s vitals, one never gets to where you are now.

      Sounds like you need to at least double your dose, to 8 tablets. I would take temp and pulse morning and afternoon and dose after that every day. I say that because I suspect, that TRU is not consistent, that it contains the same amount across pills.

      2 grains is a very low dose, so if your levels are normally optimal on that dose, that means you probably produce some hormone yourself. Your levels could also be too low. I hope you know what are optimal levels. If not, take a look at this post Optimal thyroid levels . You could be low on iodine and that could be why you are hypothyroid. I have a post on iodine for beginners as well.

      I hope you feel better, and that your Thyroid S comes very soon.

      Blessings Liv

  21. Tsj.

    I did not do well n Tru-thyroid my TSH went up to 11.5
    However the pot I took had no date or batch number on it. More reciently I found a pot with a batch number and expiry date, do you think the pills will be the new type and any better?
    I have had no reply from Pimpom.

    • L S-L

      Hi TSJ!

      I don’t know that, I am sorry. If it was shipped to you after 1/7 20, then it is the new type. But I don’t know if it makes a difference either. I am very confused about Tru, as it felt so potent when I first tried it. But then my levels fell. I would not think that many will buy Tru now Thyroid S is back and one can get it directly from the producer. Did you pick up on that? Did you see the e mail adr over?

      Blessings, Liv

  22. Gil Lian


    I was wondering if you had any experience with thaithyroid.com?

    They claim to have thyroid s in stock and to pay with bitcoin?

    • Liv

      Hi Gil!

      No, I haven’t heard of it. I suspect, it’s new. But I have got good news, no need to buy from them. Sriprasit has started selling their own product themselves. You need to write to this adress:

      Apparently, it can take some days to recieve a reply. It’s cheaper too. They seem to have started production again, which is wonderful news.

      Blessings Liv

  23. Margaret Casebeer

    I love Pim Pom! How can you not trust a company that sends cute little purses and keychains with their products. I had to switch to Tru T when I couldn’t get my Thyroid-S and the jury is still out on it because I’m not optimized. I’m also taking T3 and have had to do some adjusting.

    • Liv

      Hi Margaret!

      Thank you. I hope you will share how it goes. Whether you have had to increase your dose or what. And how you like it.

      Blessings Liv

      • Margaret Casebeer

        Will do. I’m also on Hc and I don’t think my adrenals are stable do still trying to figure that out.

        • Liv

          Hi again!

          I hope you are taking care to test your bone density if you have been on HC long term. I am not so positive to HC, I am not sure it is good for us in the long run. But anyway, keep an eye on your calcium, magnesium, vit D, vit K2, boron. Don’t do like me, not keeping an eye and getting osteoporosis.

          Blessings, Liv

  24. Lorraine

    HI, This site is very informative. I have just started taking tru thyroid the last few days, I had a TT in 2010 so really hope they work. I have been taking 9 a day but have upped it to 11 today after reading they aren’t as potent. I was on erfa for a few years and loved them but the price kept going up, I then found Thiroyd which I felt great on, then switched to Thyroid S when it was discontinued. I will update you on Tru thyroid. I bought 1600 and got a lovely keyring with them, I’m very hopeful they will work.

    • Thyroidliv

      Hi Lorraine!

      Thank you for your comment. So glad you found something of interest. I hope you monitor your levels through pulse and temperature. We absorb so differently. Thyroid S has not been discontinued, they don’t have raw material. They still produce, but very little. But Chris at PimPom told me a few weeks back, that he now had gotten a good delivery. You can see it in the comments above.

      I just want to mention iodine to you. You had a TT. If that was due to a multi nodular goiter, you most likely suffer from iodine deficiency. In that case, maybe you should test your iodine level in urine. Or look up iodine deficiency symptoms. As you have no thyroid, you don’t need to worry about anti bodies when supplementing with Iodine. As they are all produced by b lymphocytes in the thyroid itself.

      Yes, please let me know how it goes. I am very interested to gather info on Tru.

      All the best, Liv

  25. clara

    Pimpom Products is a SCAM. I bought from them reliably for several years. However, last June I purchased NDT from them for $200+. They told me that there was a supply issue and that I’d have to wait to receive my product until September 2020. When I inquired in Sept., they said I needed to keep waiting.

    Now, it’s January 2021 and nothing. I’ve emailed them 4+ times and they don’t respond. They stole $200 from me and never gave me my purchase. I am so upset. DO NOT TRUST PIMPOM PRODUCTS.

    • Liv

      Hi Clara!
      I am sorry that things haven’t gone as you expected. But I don’t agree with you. I actually think many people are quite unfair and unappreciative of what Pim Pom is doing at this time. If you are talking about Thyroid S, I know that Pim Pom has not given a 3 months delivery promise since March last year. I actually emailed with Chris today. I feel pretty confident, he has said, September at the earliest. Delivery has been around 6 months now for a long time, because Sriprasit does not have enough raw material to produce. I also know that PP send out an email with this info of the very long delivery times to everyone ordering Thyroid S. Telling them, please don’t order if you are not prepared to wait. Plus it’s on the order page.

      I find it a little strange, if you have had a good relationship with them for a long time, that you don’t give them some slack. Many seem not to understand the current raw material situation. That is why I write about it. I hope you take the time to look at these two posts, Quality of NDT and HAS NDT GONE BAD?.

      I don’t know if you have noticed that PP has not increased the price of Thyroid S even though there is such a big shortage? They surely could. I know of someone selling at double the price. And people buy! PP is also trying to make, and now is making, NDT that people can afford. So no, PP can be trusted. They just don’t have product.

      But I have some good news. They finally got a big delivery from Sriprasit this week, and they hope to have cleared most of their backlog by the end of next week. So you should have your order soon.

      All the best, Liv

      • clara


        I really appreciate your response. My problem with Pimpom is that I’ve repeated emailed to ask for an update. I’ve told them I’d be fine waiting for my order until *next* September. I just need someone to tell me that they’re going to honor my order. They never respond.

        The silence is what’s upsetting. Any reputable business would take 2 seconds to simply write a 2 sentence reply. How do they not understand this?

        Thanks again for your update. At least they’re communicating with someone.

        • Liv

          I also find it upsetting when people don’t reply. Chris doesn’t always reply to me either. I think you need to consider what kind of operation this is. I suspect it’s only Chris and his wife. Now they don’t only ship products, they make NDT powder themselves and press it into pills. It’s not a small feat. I believe Chris feels he has already informed you and everybody else, that the wait will be very long, and that they ship as soon as they have anything to ship. You are not the only one that writes. I also believe, Chris feels he is bending over backwards to help people getting the meds they need in this difficult time. You may have noticed, PP is the only shop to get any Thyroid S from Sriprasit. I think he feels he gets a lot of abuse for it. I see a lot of negativity towards PP on some internet forums. I don’t understand it. Here is someone who procures a little Thyroid S as well as MAKE some NDT at a reasonable price. And all people do is bitch and complain! I just hope, they don’t loose heart and quit.

          If one cannot wait for the Thyroid S, one can try Tru thyroid. They ship that out very fast. If you see they haven’t picked up the money, write them again.

          Blessings, Liv

          • clara

            Thank you, Liv.

            All of your insights are so helpful. I had no idea about their small operation. I hope that other people who are also critical of PP see your comments and give them some slack.

            (Thanks for the tip on Tru Thyroid. I trust everything you’re saying here. It’s just that they picked up my $200 last June, so I don’t feel comfortable sending them even more $$ at this point.)

          • Liv

            Thank you Clara, that is so nice to know. The comment on Tru was mostly meant in general. I trust you get your shipment very soon.

    • Chris Howell

      I’ve used PimPom for many years. I am completely confident that this company does not scam!

      I’m an IT person in the U.S.A. I understand Web security and am also a businessman. I trust PimPom. Five years ago, I may have been skeptical, but I’m convinced you should not worry about being scammed by PimPom.

      PimPom is conscientious. I agree that their communication channels are not up to our Western standards; however, my orders always come through. My orders are usually large, enough to last several years. This was one of my concerns when I initially placed large orders.

      Don’t worry about PimPom and I hope others reading this will also not look at this company as a suspicious foreign scam. PimPom is legit.

      • Liv

        Hi Chris!
        I agree with you 100%, and I hope others will read your comment. I hope the other Chris will too. It’s strange to me, that the one person helping us out with meds at this time, and the only one apparently, Sriprasit trusts to sell their meds right now, gets so much flak. I think PP feel, we should not have to answer mail after mail when we have informed people BEFORE charging them, that it will be a very long wait for Thyroid S. I told Chris, don’t give people an earliest date. Many will take that as THE date.

        Hopefully, things will get better soon. I just hope they manage to contain the African Swine fever in Europe. Otherwise, we are in for a rough ride.

        Blessings Liv

  26. ann

    It is great to hear somebody cares (that is not me being sarcastic). I am grateful. For people like me, it has been like moving around in a darkened room, bashing into unseen objects, while trying to find the light switch. If you have been relying on Throid S and suddenly find yourself without, it is very scary. My doctor is only interested in T4, and if you have Hashimotos, everything in your body is on low energy, which includes the liver. I pray god I do not go back to sloth and slumber.

    • Liv

      Hi Ann!
      Yes, it can be very hard and difficult. And The UK and Denmark, where I live, are about the worst countries for us thyroid sick. As you live in the UK, I would recommend you join TPAUK. There you can keep up to date on what is going on when it comes to NDT and thyroid extracts. I think they can be a bit negative there, but you will be informed. The shortage of Thyroid S should not have come as such a surprise. I guess you have learned from that. Always have one years supply of medicine. Don’t look for it last minute. You have Metavive in the UK. It works well for many. Tru is an option. That is not a medicine either, and Chris at Pim Pom says, he cannot guarantee that the content is consistent. I am wondering, if maybe it is not. But it absolutely works. It’s important to learn how to follow one’s own’s levels through pulse and temperature. That is the best way to make sure, one is not overdosed nor under dosed. No organic thyroid meds are really consistent. Not the synthetic either really. I have 2 posts on it, Quality of NDT and HAS NDT GONE BAD?.

      It’s very important to know what is optimal levels for you. I have a post on it, levels that I believe are optimal for most people. If you don’t do well on T4 meds, you must get other meds. It is not impossible. You can still order Thyroid S at Pim Pom, but it won’t be delivered until 6 months. And only 250 tab. So not much help. Hopefully, Sriprasit will start producing at full blast again soon. I saw they wrote, that it would happen in TPAUK. But I don’t know if it has happened. I don’t think so. Ask in there, maybe they know something.

      Blessings, Liv

  27. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi Liv. Thanks for your reply. I’m hoping to see some good reviews re Pimpoms Tru Thyroid, as it seems that this will be the only one we will be able to order from now on. Feeling better now I’m back on my Thyroid S. I had to go back to it due to not being able to get Thiroyd anymore. I was doing very well on that. Cheers Cheryl, South Australia.

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl!
      I have some input on Tru now. I would say it’s a little weaker than other Thai thyroid. I would advice, increase dose by app 20%. It is absolutely worth a try. One option is to mix it with your Thyroid S, if you feel unsure. Half and half maybe, only increase the Tru part. Of course, no one can know how it will work for someone, as it’s so individual.
      Blessings, Liv

  28. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi Liv. I sent your blog to a very good Admin in the FB group, Thyroid Issues Australia. She made a comment re the sheep NDT and thinks you may be a bit wrong there hun. Hope you don’t mind me sharing with you? No offence intended. 🙂 x

    “Ndt was originally made from sheep’s thyroid and it used to be injected. However this person is wrong saying that on 2007 Armour was made from sheep…that happened many yrs ago not 13 yrs ago. It has been porcine for many decades.
    I see the glandular one sold at iherb and that worries me people taking it thinking they are getting ndt.”

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl
      I don’t mind at all. But I am sure your admin can contact me herself if she wants to ell me something. She is right about the Armour. I was sure it was made from sheep a that time, I believed I remebered reading it on the bottle. It might have been a doctor believing it and telling me so. I will correct that. I try to always put my ego aside when it comes to being right and wrong on thyroid issues. Our aim must be to always learn more. Actually, I just heard that Iceland is looking to making their own sheep thyroid. What with the current African Swine Fever, we might have to look elsewhere for our raw material.

      I am combining your comments into one reply. As regards microcrystalline cellulose, it is in everything. All supplements. I absolutely believe that fillers affect absorption. I link to a study on it here, HAS NDT GONE BAD?. But I have problems understanding how it affects absorption of NDT if one can tolerate it in all other supplements one takes. I don’t think it will be an issue for most people. Armour contains it, as do Nature Throid and Tru. Very many do well on these meds. I have read several studies on microcrysalline cellulose. I haven’t found any that shows very bad effects from it. But I am always open to new info. I have no issues with it myself. But we are highly individual, so for some it could be a problem. I don’t think I write that it can’t be a problem for some. I think I write, I don’t think we should make it into a big issue. It’s my experience, thyroid sick people are very nervous about their medication. I think there is a lot of unneccesary issues created over our meds. I think all this worrying makes a strain on our adrenals and well being. I am thinking first and foremost on all the hysteria around the NDT recalls. I think the fillers are not as big an issue in NDT as it is in the synthetic T4. I think fillers are a real issue with the synthetic T4. I don’t know why. I wish they would study this more. I have even asked Antonio Bianco to please look into it. I see so many people doing badly on especially the standard T4 meds

      As for the Selenium in The Real Thyroid, I don’t think that is a problem in terms of Selenium overdose. Unless you have Selenium thyroxicose to begin with. As each 60 mg contains only 3 mcg. That is, if you take 240 mg, you will have 12 mcg Selenium. That is very little. I have heard others doing well on The Real Thyroid. So for me the jury is out until I know more. I hope it works for some. We sure need all the options we can get at this time.

      Please give my hello to your admin and tell her, I am always happy to hear from anyone having opinions on what I write.

      Blessings, Liv

  29. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi. I’ve trialled the Real Thyroid from Vietnam for 8 weeks. I felt very tired and quite ill after the eight weeks. I retested and my TSH came back at 7.5, very low free t3 and free t4. I had previously been taking Thyroid S and then Thiroyd for five years and the highest my TSH had been while on these tablets was 0.03, so the Real Thyroid was not working at all for me. Ugh! It had a very floury taste and tasted nothing like Thyroid S or Thiroyd. I’m not sure whether the Iodine in them caused the problem or whether it was the Cellulose(Avicel) they use as a filler. I don’t recommend Real Thyroid as it stands at the moment. Cheers Cheryl Forbes, Australia.

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl!

      I have heard that from others as well. I will add a comment on it on the page. And remove it again if I get more positive feedback later. I don’t know why they have added the Iodine and Selenium. They have probably thought it would be a good idea. It might not be. I think it is a good if people trialling it and finding it subpar, writing them and letting them know. They seem quite open on their site. Not like Sriprasit, who never replies and have a site that is barely functioning. I know there is a lot of talk about Avicel in the States. I don’t know how much I believe in it. I can recommend Tru Thyroid though. I have come to love it. Of course, I don’t know how others will absorb it. I have tried I believe 6 various NDTs.

      It’s great to hear from Australia. It’s so strange to see people visiting from all over the world. I don’t know what kinds of forums and groups you have Down under. There is an UK forum, TPAUK, where there is a lot of discussions on NDT. I do find them a bit overly negative at times. But you will be kept up to par. I try to keep updated here as well.

      Blessings, Liv

    • Niki123

      I have ordered Real Thyroid too last year and started to take it but felt really tired and went back to taking what Thiroyd I had left from Greater Pharma I had left and started feeling better.My supply of Greater Pharma was getting lower so I started taking two pills from Greater Pharma and two of the Real Thyroid and I was feeling a little tired but I could cope.Now , I’m on my last 200-300 pills of Greater Pharma thyroid and I am in so much trouble.I started looking for Thyroid -S and there’s nothing.I can’t take 4 pills of Real Thyroid only because I will feel exhausted.Does anyone have any ideas.Not Synthroid again !

      • Liv

        Hi Nikit!
        I am sorry to hear that. This isn’t a forum where people discuss between themselves, though. It’s my blog where I answer comments people post on my posts. I can recommend TPAUK for an internet forum where people discuss a lot about various medicines.

        I want to say though, that I get a little worried that you seem to go only by how you feel. I hope you do some blood testing as well. At least, follow your body temperature and pulse. I don’t understand that you don’t increase the Real Thyroid a bit if you are feeling a little low. I don’t know where you live. But Tru thyroid could be something to try. And just adjust dose. You might have to take a little more than when you take Thiroyd. But it is not that expencive. Another option is Metavive. Some people like it a lot, others don’t. Or Thyrogold. The latter is bovine, so there is more T4 to T3 in it than in porcine thyroid.

        You need to get some more meds asap, and I pray that you find a solution.

        Blessings Liv

        • Ali

          Hey there Liv! Thanks so much for this blog is invaluable info especially the T3 and T4 possible content of metavive!
          May I ask about heart rate and temperature what ranges we should follow and aim for?
          I only found guidelines on Broda Barnes book where he mentioned being over 36.55c (which I only am after ovulation of course). Of you have other references (or any reference for heart beat) couldn you please point them to me? Thank you so so much

          • L S-L

            Hi again Ali!

            Over 35,55C in the daytime is way too low. It needs to be 37-37,2 in the daytime, 36,5 – 36,8 first thing in the morning. You sound under dosed. Did you have a look at my post on optimal thyroid levels here?

            Pulse is more tricky, depends on your age for one thing. You can test your pulse when your body temperature is good and you feel good. Then use that pulse to see where your levels are later. My morning pulse needs to be at least 68 to 72, and my day pulse around 80. But not much over that.

            Blessings Liv

  30. Janet Butler

    So good to have all this valuable information.

    • Liv

      Thank you, Janet. It’s so gratifying to know it is useful.

      Blessings, Liv

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