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I am not doing a proper overview of all thyroid meds. I might do one later. Here in Denmark, we have a site that it quite good. I think you will understand most of what the various meds contain, as the the names of chemicals are very similar. “Majsstivelse ” is cornstarch,  https://stofskiftesupport.dk/medicin-lavt-og-hoejt-stofskifte/lavt-stofskifte-medicin/ 

Thai thyroid

I  want  to give you some info on Thai thyroid. It’s hard to find info on it. There have been lots of changes in Thailand. There is a lot of confusion. I do believe that what I write here, is correct. 

Both TR Man and Thiroyd (Greater Pharma) have not had their licenses renewed, so they are out of production.  I have been told, this has happened before, and the producers have gotten their licens back later. But it has been a long time now, so I doubt it will happen in this case.  Thyroid S is still being made, but they lack raw material.  I comment more on this below.  

All is not dark though. There is a NDT from Vietnam, Real Thyroid. And Pim Pom Products has started producing a NDT, Tru Thyroid. The latter is a supplement, not a pharmaceutical. 

Thyroid S by Sriprasit

60 mg tablets, porcine contains:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3

Thyroid extract USP, lactose, PVP K90 ( water soluble coating), Avicel, microcrystalline cellulose, Aerosil (binding), sodium starch glycolate (dissolves the pill), Eudragit (coating for sustained release tablets), methocel, talc, red colouring, Aluminium, yellow colouring, titanium dioxid (white), PEG 6000 (binding), Dimethicone.

Thyroid S is sustained release, it’s not meant to be chewed. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Many love Thyroid S. Pim Pom has some in back order, that is, it will take months before you receive it. Other sellers also have it in backorder. Some might have some for sale right now, but at a very high price. 

Tru Thyroid is a new NDT from Pim Pom Products. It is porcine. Pim Pom makes it themselves. It is a supplement, not a medication. But it is a NDT, not a glanduar. They are planning to make it in several strenghts, coated as well as uncoated. 

1/2 grain, 32 mg contains

19 mcg T4

4,5 mcg T3

Microcrystalline cellulose, Dicalsium phosphate, Magnesium stearate.

Very few fillers, as you can see.  I believe it is a work in progress. Some people have had issues with absorbation with the first batches. The formula was tweaked in July this year, 2020. I can testify that  the tweaked Tru Thyroid works. Of course, it’s always individual how we absorb any given thyroid medication. But to me at least, it seems potent. 

Pim Pom also sells a thyroid powder. This is not NDT, but a glanduar product, that is, made from the whole, uncleaned thyroid gland. 

The Real Thyroid from Eastern Pharmacueticals

This is a NDT from Vietnam. It is porcine. 60 mg contains:

36,3 mcg T4

9,7 mcg T3

65 mg seaweed powder

10 mcg potassium iodide

3 mcg selenium yeast

Dextrose, corn starch, Avicel PH101, PVP K30, Ethanol, Talc, Magnesium stearate.

As you can see, they have added a little Iodine and Selenium. There is a high T3 content. I don’t know why that is. I write about differences in pig’s thyroid here, Quality of NDT . I do wonder at this high T3 content, though. It is quite uniqe. I am a little sceptical about this T3 content. I have read one saying it worked well for him. It is a new product.

Update: I do read people saying this does not work so well for them. See also comment below. If I later get a lot of positive feedback on it, I will modify this info.

Thiroyd was made by Greater Pharma. As mentioned, it’s not produced anymore.  It’s an uncoated pill, porcine. I don’t know the fillers, but it contained:

35 mcg T4

8,31 mcg T3

TR from TR Man is also discontinued, unfortunately. They were sustained release, like Thyroid S. Porcine. Small, pink pills. It was gluten and lactose free. It contained:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3ce

Update on the NDT situation

I have been asked, why can’t we get Thyroid S anymore, have they stopped production? No, they have not stopped. The issue is lack of raw material. Because of the African Swine fever that has killed 100 million pigs in China. China has been the biggest producer of USP NDT powder. Now the African Swine fever has reached Germany, another big producer of NDT raw material. A disaster. It will now move across Europe.  Sriprasit annonced immediately, that Thyroid S would go up by another 15%. 

This is why it is so serious that the FDA have the NDT producers recall large quantities of NDT for being just  a little over or under USP standard. We really cannot afford to throw out good NDT. You can read more about this here

Sriprasit, maker of Thyroid S, rations out their product. Which is why Pim Pom does the same. There are several months delivery, and you can only buy 250 tablets. I see people in the UK complaining, they are not getting their order. Some seem very upset, using strong language.  But Pim Pom has information on this situation in RED on their order page. I believe Pim Pom is the only store who has any Thyroid S at this time. If you know something different, please let me know. 

Maybe you are thinking, OMG, what shall I do?  But all is not dark. There are the new Pim Pom products. They are also working on a new NDT with only one filler, rice flour, in a Gelatine capsule, Thryve.  It’s supposed to come very soon, this is october 2020.

I see people not understanding the present situation.  They have not had good results with the first batch of Tru Thyroid, and rage against Pim Pom, demanding a refund. I have read many, many thyroid patients being dissatisfied with a thyroid medication.  I have never heard of any refunds. 

Pim Pom is sourcing their raw material from Thailand. Their products may be a lifesaver for many in the future. Let’s pray, that the ASF does not come there. I hope people will think this through. I hope people will work with Pim Pom, giving them constructive, not destructive, feed back on their products.  This making of NDT into a pill is not as simple as it seems. And we know that ALL thyroid meds do not work equally well for everybody. That has to do with fillers. Which is why I am very excited about a product with only one filler. There are compounding pharmacies in Europe who also make such products. 

Glanduar products


People also use other products, glanduar products like Thyrogold og Metavive . These are not NDT, these are made from the whole thyroid. They contain less hormone. But some people find they work very well for them. Others don’t. You can read more about the difference here, how is NDT made?

But the African Swine fever has been, and will continue to be, a big problem for us. It’s not only thyroid medicines that are affected either. Heparin is also in back order. We might have to turn to thyroid tissue from other animals, like bovine tissue or from sheep. When I first started on Armour in 2007, it was made from sheep’s thyroid. 


There is a site, calling themselves rxdu.comhttp://rxdu.com/. They claim, they have all kinds of Thai thyroid, charging only 50$.  I believe this a scam. One cannot get in touch with them. They are registered as a bitcoin site in a country in the Balkans.  


  1. Janet Butler

    So good to have all this valuable information.

    • Liv

      Thank you, Janet. It’s so gratifying to know it is useful.

      Blessings, Liv

  2. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi. I’ve trialled the Real Thyroid from Vietnam for 8 weeks. I felt very tired and quite ill after the eight weeks. I retested and my TSH came back at 7.5, very low free t3 and free t4. I had previously been taking Thyroid S and then Thiroyd for five years and the highest my TSH had been while on these tablets was 0.03, so the Real Thyroid was not working at all for me. Ugh! It had a very floury taste and tasted nothing like Thyroid S or Thiroyd. I’m not sure whether the Iodine in them caused the problem or whether it was the Cellulose(Avicel) they use as a filler. I don’t recommend Real Thyroid as it stands at the moment. Cheers Cheryl Forbes, Australia.

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl!

      I have heard that from others as well. I will add a comment on it on the page. And remove it again if I get more positive feedback later. I don’t know why they have added the Iodine and Selenium. They have probably thought it would be a good idea. It might not be. I think it is a good if people trialling it and finding it subpar, writing them and letting them know. They seem quite open on their site. Not like Sriprasit, who never replies and have a site that is barely functioning. I know there is a lot of talk about Avicel in the States. I don’t know how much I believe in it. I can recommend Tru Thyroid though. I have come to love it. Of course, I don’t know how others will absorb it. I have tried I believe 6 various NDTs.

      It’s great to hear from Australia. It’s so strange to see people visiting from all over the world. I don’t know what kinds of forums and groups you have Down under. There is an UK forum, TPAUK, where there is a lot of discussions on NDT. I do find them a bit overly negative at times. But you will be kept up to par. I try to keep updated here as well.

      Blessings, Liv

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