Our thyroid medicines

I am not doing a proper overview of all thyroid meds. I might do one later. Here in Denmark, we have a site that it quite good. I think you will understand most of what the various meds contain, as the the names of chemicals are very similar. “Majsstivelse ” is cornstarch,  https://stofskiftesupport.dk/medicin-lavt-og-hoejt-stofskifte/lavt-stofskifte-medicin/ 

Thai thyroid

I  want  to give you some info on Thai thyroid. It’s hard to find info on it. There have been lots of changes in Thailand. There is a lot of confusion. I do believe that what I write here, is correct. 

Both TR Man and Thiroyd (Greater Pharma) have not had their licenses renewed, so they are out of production.  I have been told, this has happened before, and the producers have gotten their licens back later. But it has been a long time now, so I doubt it will happen in this case.  Thyroid S is still being made, but they lack raw material.  I comment more on this below.  

All is not dark though. There is a NDT from Vietnam, Real Thyroid. And Pim Pom Products has started producing a NDT, Tru Thyroid. The latter is a supplement, not a pharmaceutical. 

Thyroid S by Sriprasit

60 mg tablets, porcine contains:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3

Thyroid extract USP, lactose, PVP K90 ( water soluble coating), Avicel, microcrystalline cellulose, Aerosil (binding), sodium starch glycolate (dissolves the pill), Eudragit (coating for sustained release tablets), methocel, talc, red colouring, Aluminium, yellow colouring, titanium dioxid (white), PEG 6000 (binding), Dimethicone.

Thyroid S is sustained release, it’s not meant to be chewed. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Many love 

Good news! Sriprasit has increased production again. AND they now sell directly to customer. You need to write to surang@sriprasit.com

Apparently it can take a little time to hear back from them. But once the process is in motion, things happen fast. They will write back with prices and payment and so on. I haven’t got the price, but they say it’s cheaper than the online shops. This is great news.

Tru Thyroid is a new NDT from Pim Pom Products. It is porcine. Pim Pom makes it themselves. It is a supplement, not a medication. But it is a NDT, not a glanduar. They are planning to make it in several strenghts, coated as well as uncoated. 

1/2 grain, 32 mg contains

19 mcg T4

4,5 mcg T3

Microcrystalline cellulose, Dicalsium phosphate, Magnesium stearate. From 20 July 2020, sodium starch glycolate is added.

Very few fillers, as you can see. I believe it is a work in progress. Some people have had issues with absorption with the first batches. The formula was tweaked in July this year, 2020, sodium starch glycolate was added. There is less than 1% in the tablet, but when it gets wet, it expands to 10 times it’s size and thereby rips the tablet open. It makes the content more absorbable.

I believe it works, but is weaker than the other Thai thyroids. One needs to up one’s dose, with 20% at least. I am unsure about the consistency, and Chris says himself, that it is not a medicine so one cannot demand consistency. I am not recommending or advising against it. People must try for themselves. Some people find that it does NOT work for them. I guess now Thyroid S seems to be back, most people will go for that one anyway.

I am grateful to PimPom for working to supply us with NDT in this difficult times. Please remember, Pim Pom is a very small operation. Making NDT is not easy, and we must allow for some trial and error.

Pim Pom also sells a thyroid powder. This is not NDT, but a glanduar product, that is, made from the whole, uncleaned thyroid gland. 

The Real Thyroid from Eastern Pharmacueticals

This is a NDT from Vietnam. It is porcine. 60 mg contains:

36,3 mcg T4

9,7 mcg T3

65 mg seaweed powder

10 mcg potassium iodide

3 mcg selenium yeast

Dextrose, corn starch, Avicel PH101, PVP K30, Ethanol, Talc, Magnesium stearate.

As you can see, they have added a little Iodine and Selenium. There is a high T3 content. I don’t know why that is. I write about differences in pig’s thyroid here, Quality of NDT . I do wonder at this high T3 content, though. It is quite uniqe. I am a little sceptical about this T3 content. It is a new product.

Update: I do see some  people saying this does not work so well for them. See also comment below. But I have also seen people saying, it works great. If I later get a lot of positive feedback on it, I will modify this info.


Thiroyd was made by Greater Pharma. As mentioned, it’s not produced anymore.  It’s an uncoated pill, porcine. I don’t know the fillers, but it contained:

35 mcg T4

8,31 mcg T3

TR from TR Man is also discontinued, unfortunately. They were sustained release, like Thyroid S. Porcine. Small, pink pills. It was gluten and lactose free. It contained:

38 mcg T4

9 mcg T3ce

Update on the NDT situation

I have been asked, why can’t we get Thyroid S anymore, have they stopped production? No, they have not stopped. The issue is lack of raw material. Because of the African Swine fever that has killed 100 million pigs in China. China has been the biggest producer of USP NDT powder. Now the African Swine fever has reached Germany, another big producer of NDT raw material. A disaster. It will now probably move across Europe. We must cross our fingers, they can contain it in Germany. Sriprasit annonced immediately, that Thyroid S would go up by another 15%. 

This is why it is so serious that the FDA have the NDT producers recall large quantities of NDT for being just  a little over or under USP standard. We really cannot afford to throw out good NDT. You can read more about this here

Sriprasit, maker of Thyroid S, has increased production again.  I believe the swine fever situation in China has improved. I am writing this in April 2021.  And now one can buy directly from Sriprasit. see contact info over. 


Glanduar products

People also use other products, glanduar products like Thyrogold og Metavive . These are not NDT, these are made from the whole thyroid. They may contain less hormone. But some people find they work very well for them. Others don’t. You can read more about the difference here, how is NDT made?

Metavive claim, their product contain these, good levels of hormone.


Now they have changed their formula, added something they call RNA complex. So that the capsules that once said 30 mg now weigh 80 mg. Make sure to order from the .com site, not uk., if you are living in the EU.

But the African Swine fever has been, and will continue to be, a big problem for us. But it seems it has abated somewhat in China. And they say themselves, this epidemic has led to more hygienic conditions on the pig farms. Hopefully, the epidemic won’t be able to spread as much here in Europe, where the farming standards are higher.  At least in terms of hygiene and veterinary support.

It’s not only thyroid medicines that are affected either. Heparin is also in back order. We might have to turn to thyroid tissue from other animals, like bovine tissue or from sheep. I have read in a Fb group, that Iceland is looking to making a NDT from sheep’s glands. They have a lot of sheep. Interesting.


There is a site, calling themselves rxdu.com. They claim, they have all kinds of Thai thyroid, charging only 50$. I believe this a scam. One cannot get in touch with them. No one receives anything. They are registered as a bitcoin site in a country in the Balkans.  


  1. Janet Butler

    So good to have all this valuable information.

    • Liv

      Thank you, Janet. It’s so gratifying to know it is useful.

      Blessings, Liv

  2. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi. I’ve trialled the Real Thyroid from Vietnam for 8 weeks. I felt very tired and quite ill after the eight weeks. I retested and my TSH came back at 7.5, very low free t3 and free t4. I had previously been taking Thyroid S and then Thiroyd for five years and the highest my TSH had been while on these tablets was 0.03, so the Real Thyroid was not working at all for me. Ugh! It had a very floury taste and tasted nothing like Thyroid S or Thiroyd. I’m not sure whether the Iodine in them caused the problem or whether it was the Cellulose(Avicel) they use as a filler. I don’t recommend Real Thyroid as it stands at the moment. Cheers Cheryl Forbes, Australia.

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl!

      I have heard that from others as well. I will add a comment on it on the page. And remove it again if I get more positive feedback later. I don’t know why they have added the Iodine and Selenium. They have probably thought it would be a good idea. It might not be. I think it is a good if people trialling it and finding it subpar, writing them and letting them know. They seem quite open on their site. Not like Sriprasit, who never replies and have a site that is barely functioning. I know there is a lot of talk about Avicel in the States. I don’t know how much I believe in it. I can recommend Tru Thyroid though. I have come to love it. Of course, I don’t know how others will absorb it. I have tried I believe 6 various NDTs.

      It’s great to hear from Australia. It’s so strange to see people visiting from all over the world. I don’t know what kinds of forums and groups you have Down under. There is an UK forum, TPAUK, where there is a lot of discussions on NDT. I do find them a bit overly negative at times. But you will be kept up to par. I try to keep updated here as well.

      Blessings, Liv

    • Niki123

      I have ordered Real Thyroid too last year and started to take it but felt really tired and went back to taking what Thiroyd I had left from Greater Pharma I had left and started feeling better.My supply of Greater Pharma was getting lower so I started taking two pills from Greater Pharma and two of the Real Thyroid and I was feeling a little tired but I could cope.Now , I’m on my last 200-300 pills of Greater Pharma thyroid and I am in so much trouble.I started looking for Thyroid -S and there’s nothing.I can’t take 4 pills of Real Thyroid only because I will feel exhausted.Does anyone have any ideas.Not Synthroid again !

      • Liv

        Hi Nikit!
        I am sorry to hear that. This isn’t a forum where people discuss between themselves, though. It’s my blog where I answer comments people post on my posts. I can recommend TPAUK for an internet forum where people discuss a lot about various medicines.

        I want to say though, that I get a little worried that you seem to go only by how you feel. I hope you do some blood testing as well. At least, follow your body temperature and pulse. I don’t understand that you don’t increase the Real Thyroid a bit if you are feeling a little low. I don’t know where you live. But Tru thyroid could be something to try. And just adjust dose. You might have to take a little more than when you take Thiroyd. But it is not that expencive. Another option is Metavive. Some people like it a lot, others don’t. Or Thyrogold. The latter is bovine, so there is more T4 to T3 in it than in porcine thyroid.

        You need to get some more meds asap, and I pray that you find a solution.

        Blessings Liv

        • Ali

          Hey there Liv! Thanks so much for this blog is invaluable info especially the T3 and T4 possible content of metavive!
          May I ask about heart rate and temperature what ranges we should follow and aim for?
          I only found guidelines on Broda Barnes book where he mentioned being over 36.55c (which I only am after ovulation of course). Of you have other references (or any reference for heart beat) couldn you please point them to me? Thank you so so much

          • L S-L

            Hi again Ali!

            Over 35,55C in the daytime is way too low. It needs to be 37-37,2 in the daytime, 36,5 – 36,8 first thing in the morning. You sound under dosed. Did you have a look at my post on optimal thyroid levels here?

            Pulse is more tricky, depends on your age for one thing. You can test your pulse when your body temperature is good and you feel good. Then use that pulse to see where your levels are later. My morning pulse needs to be at least 68 to 72, and my day pulse around 80. But not much over that.

            Blessings Liv

  3. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi Liv. I sent your blog to a very good Admin in the FB group, Thyroid Issues Australia. She made a comment re the sheep NDT and thinks you may be a bit wrong there hun. Hope you don’t mind me sharing with you? No offence intended. 🙂 x

    “Ndt was originally made from sheep’s thyroid and it used to be injected. However this person is wrong saying that on 2007 Armour was made from sheep…that happened many yrs ago not 13 yrs ago. It has been porcine for many decades.
    I see the glandular one sold at iherb and that worries me people taking it thinking they are getting ndt.”

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl
      I don’t mind at all. But I am sure your admin can contact me herself if she wants to ell me something. She is right about the Armour. I was sure it was made from sheep a that time, I believed I remebered reading it on the bottle. It might have been a doctor believing it and telling me so. I will correct that. I try to always put my ego aside when it comes to being right and wrong on thyroid issues. Our aim must be to always learn more. Actually, I just heard that Iceland is looking to making their own sheep thyroid. What with the current African Swine Fever, we might have to look elsewhere for our raw material.

      I am combining your comments into one reply. As regards microcrystalline cellulose, it is in everything. All supplements. I absolutely believe that fillers affect absorption. I link to a study on it here, HAS NDT GONE BAD?. But I have problems understanding how it affects absorption of NDT if one can tolerate it in all other supplements one takes. I don’t think it will be an issue for most people. Armour contains it, as do Nature Throid and Tru. Very many do well on these meds. I have read several studies on microcrysalline cellulose. I haven’t found any that shows very bad effects from it. But I am always open to new info. I have no issues with it myself. But we are highly individual, so for some it could be a problem. I don’t think I write that it can’t be a problem for some. I think I write, I don’t think we should make it into a big issue. It’s my experience, thyroid sick people are very nervous about their medication. I think there is a lot of unneccesary issues created over our meds. I think all this worrying makes a strain on our adrenals and well being. I am thinking first and foremost on all the hysteria around the NDT recalls. I think the fillers are not as big an issue in NDT as it is in the synthetic T4. I think fillers are a real issue with the synthetic T4. I don’t know why. I wish they would study this more. I have even asked Antonio Bianco to please look into it. I see so many people doing badly on especially the standard T4 meds

      As for the Selenium in The Real Thyroid, I don’t think that is a problem in terms of Selenium overdose. Unless you have Selenium thyroxicose to begin with. As each 60 mg contains only 3 mcg. That is, if you take 240 mg, you will have 12 mcg Selenium. That is very little. I have heard others doing well on The Real Thyroid. So for me the jury is out until I know more. I hope it works for some. We sure need all the options we can get at this time.

      Please give my hello to your admin and tell her, I am always happy to hear from anyone having opinions on what I write.

      Blessings, Liv

  4. Cheryl Forbes

    Hi Liv. Thanks for your reply. I’m hoping to see some good reviews re Pimpoms Tru Thyroid, as it seems that this will be the only one we will be able to order from now on. Feeling better now I’m back on my Thyroid S. I had to go back to it due to not being able to get Thiroyd anymore. I was doing very well on that. Cheers Cheryl, South Australia.

    • Liv

      Hi Cheryl!
      I have some input on Tru now. I would say it’s a little weaker than other Thai thyroid. I would advice, increase dose by app 20%. It is absolutely worth a try. One option is to mix it with your Thyroid S, if you feel unsure. Half and half maybe, only increase the Tru part. Of course, no one can know how it will work for someone, as it’s so individual.
      Blessings, Liv

  5. ann

    It is great to hear somebody cares (that is not me being sarcastic). I am grateful. For people like me, it has been like moving around in a darkened room, bashing into unseen objects, while trying to find the light switch. If you have been relying on Throid S and suddenly find yourself without, it is very scary. My doctor is only interested in T4, and if you have Hashimotos, everything in your body is on low energy, which includes the liver. I pray god I do not go back to sloth and slumber.

    • Liv

      Hi Ann!
      Yes, it can be very hard and difficult. And The UK and Denmark, where I live, are about the worst countries for us thyroid sick. As you live in the UK, I would recommend you join TPAUK. There you can keep up to date on what is going on when it comes to NDT and thyroid extracts. I think they can be a bit negative there, but you will be informed. The shortage of Thyroid S should not have come as such a surprise. I guess you have learned from that. Always have one years supply of medicine. Don’t look for it last minute. You have Metavive in the UK. It works well for many. Tru is an option. That is not a medicine either, and Chris at Pim Pom says, he cannot guarantee that the content is consistent. I am wondering, if maybe it is not. But it absolutely works. It’s important to learn how to follow one’s own’s levels through pulse and temperature. That is the best way to make sure, one is not overdosed nor under dosed. No organic thyroid meds are really consistent. Not the synthetic either really. I have 2 posts on it, Quality of NDT and HAS NDT GONE BAD?.

      It’s very important to know what is optimal levels for you. I have a post on it, levels that I believe are optimal for most people. If you don’t do well on T4 meds, you must get other meds. It is not impossible. You can still order Thyroid S at Pim Pom, but it won’t be delivered until 6 months. And only 250 tab. So not much help. Hopefully, Sriprasit will start producing at full blast again soon. I saw they wrote, that it would happen in TPAUK. But I don’t know if it has happened. I don’t think so. Ask in there, maybe they know something.

      Blessings, Liv

  6. clara

    Pimpom Products is a SCAM. I bought from them reliably for several years. However, last June I purchased NDT from them for $200+. They told me that there was a supply issue and that I’d have to wait to receive my product until September 2020. When I inquired in Sept., they said I needed to keep waiting.

    Now, it’s January 2021 and nothing. I’ve emailed them 4+ times and they don’t respond. They stole $200 from me and never gave me my purchase. I am so upset. DO NOT TRUST PIMPOM PRODUCTS.

    • Liv

      Hi Clara!
      I am sorry that things haven’t gone as you expected. But I don’t agree with you. I actually think many people are quite unfair and unappreciative of what Pim Pom is doing at this time. If you are talking about Thyroid S, I know that Pim Pom has not given a 3 months delivery promise since March last year. I actually emailed with Chris today. I feel pretty confident, he has said, September at the earliest. Delivery has been around 6 months now for a long time, because Sriprasit does not have enough raw material to produce. I also know that PP send out an email with this info of the very long delivery times to everyone ordering Thyroid S. Telling them, please don’t order if you are not prepared to wait. Plus it’s on the order page.

      I find it a little strange, if you have had a good relationship with them for a long time, that you don’t give them some slack. Many seem not to understand the current raw material situation. That is why I write about it. I hope you take the time to look at these two posts, Quality of NDT and HAS NDT GONE BAD?.

      I don’t know if you have noticed that PP has not increased the price of Thyroid S even though there is such a big shortage? They surely could. I know of someone selling at double the price. And people buy! PP is also trying to make, and now is making, NDT that people can afford. So no, PP can be trusted. They just don’t have product.

      But I have some good news. They finally got a big delivery from Sriprasit this week, and they hope to have cleared most of their backlog by the end of next week. So you should have your order soon.

      All the best, Liv

      • clara


        I really appreciate your response. My problem with Pimpom is that I’ve repeated emailed to ask for an update. I’ve told them I’d be fine waiting for my order until *next* September. I just need someone to tell me that they’re going to honor my order. They never respond.

        The silence is what’s upsetting. Any reputable business would take 2 seconds to simply write a 2 sentence reply. How do they not understand this?

        Thanks again for your update. At least they’re communicating with someone.

        • Liv

          I also find it upsetting when people don’t reply. Chris doesn’t always reply to me either. I think you need to consider what kind of operation this is. I suspect it’s only Chris and his wife. Now they don’t only ship products, they make NDT powder themselves and press it into pills. It’s not a small feat. I believe Chris feels he has already informed you and everybody else, that the wait will be very long, and that they ship as soon as they have anything to ship. You are not the only one that writes. I also believe, Chris feels he is bending over backwards to help people getting the meds they need in this difficult time. You may have noticed, PP is the only shop to get any Thyroid S from Sriprasit. I think he feels he gets a lot of abuse for it. I see a lot of negativity towards PP on some internet forums. I don’t understand it. Here is someone who procures a little Thyroid S as well as MAKE some NDT at a reasonable price. And all people do is bitch and complain! I just hope, they don’t loose heart and quit.

          If one cannot wait for the Thyroid S, one can try Tru thyroid. They ship that out very fast. If you see they haven’t picked up the money, write them again.

          Blessings, Liv

          • clara

            Thank you, Liv.

            All of your insights are so helpful. I had no idea about their small operation. I hope that other people who are also critical of PP see your comments and give them some slack.

            (Thanks for the tip on Tru Thyroid. I trust everything you’re saying here. It’s just that they picked up my $200 last June, so I don’t feel comfortable sending them even more $$ at this point.)

          • Liv

            Thank you Clara, that is so nice to know. The comment on Tru was mostly meant in general. I trust you get your shipment very soon.

    • Chris Howell

      I’ve used PimPom for many years. I am completely confident that this company does not scam!

      I’m an IT person in the U.S.A. I understand Web security and am also a businessman. I trust PimPom. Five years ago, I may have been skeptical, but I’m convinced you should not worry about being scammed by PimPom.

      PimPom is conscientious. I agree that their communication channels are not up to our Western standards; however, my orders always come through. My orders are usually large, enough to last several years. This was one of my concerns when I initially placed large orders.

      Don’t worry about PimPom and I hope others reading this will also not look at this company as a suspicious foreign scam. PimPom is legit.

      • Liv

        Hi Chris!
        I agree with you 100%, and I hope others will read your comment. I hope the other Chris will too. It’s strange to me, that the one person helping us out with meds at this time, and the only one apparently, Sriprasit trusts to sell their meds right now, gets so much flak. I think PP feel, we should not have to answer mail after mail when we have informed people BEFORE charging them, that it will be a very long wait for Thyroid S. I told Chris, don’t give people an earliest date. Many will take that as THE date.

        Hopefully, things will get better soon. I just hope they manage to contain the African Swine fever in Europe. Otherwise, we are in for a rough ride.

        Blessings Liv

  7. Lorraine

    HI, This site is very informative. I have just started taking tru thyroid the last few days, I had a TT in 2010 so really hope they work. I have been taking 9 a day but have upped it to 11 today after reading they aren’t as potent. I was on erfa for a few years and loved them but the price kept going up, I then found Thiroyd which I felt great on, then switched to Thyroid S when it was discontinued. I will update you on Tru thyroid. I bought 1600 and got a lovely keyring with them, I’m very hopeful they will work.

    • Thyroidliv

      Hi Lorraine!

      Thank you for your comment. So glad you found something of interest. I hope you monitor your levels through pulse and temperature. We absorb so differently. Thyroid S has not been discontinued, they don’t have raw material. They still produce, but very little. But Chris at PimPom told me a few weeks back, that he now had gotten a good delivery. You can see it in the comments above.

      I just want to mention iodine to you. You had a TT. If that was due to a multi nodular goiter, you most likely suffer from iodine deficiency. In that case, maybe you should test your iodine level in urine. Or look up iodine deficiency symptoms. As you have no thyroid, you don’t need to worry about anti bodies when supplementing with Iodine. As they are all produced by b lymphocytes in the thyroid itself.

      Yes, please let me know how it goes. I am very interested to gather info on Tru.

      All the best, Liv

  8. Margaret Casebeer

    I love Pim Pom! How can you not trust a company that sends cute little purses and keychains with their products. I had to switch to Tru T when I couldn’t get my Thyroid-S and the jury is still out on it because I’m not optimized. I’m also taking T3 and have had to do some adjusting.

    • Liv

      Hi Margaret!

      Thank you. I hope you will share how it goes. Whether you have had to increase your dose or what. And how you like it.

      Blessings Liv

      • Margaret Casebeer

        Will do. I’m also on Hc and I don’t think my adrenals are stable do still trying to figure that out.

        • Liv

          Hi again!

          I hope you are taking care to test your bone density if you have been on HC long term. I am not so positive to HC, I am not sure it is good for us in the long run. But anyway, keep an eye on your calcium, magnesium, vit D, vit K2, boron. Don’t do like me, not keeping an eye and getting osteoporosis.

          Blessings, Liv

  9. Gil Lian


    I was wondering if you had any experience with thaithyroid.com?

    They claim to have thyroid s in stock and to pay with bitcoin?

    • Liv

      Hi Gil!

      No, I haven’t heard of it. I suspect, it’s new. But I have got good news, no need to buy from them. Sriprasit has started selling their own product themselves. You need to write to this adress:

      Apparently, it can take some days to recieve a reply. It’s cheaper too. They seem to have started production again, which is wonderful news.

      Blessings Liv

  10. Tsj.

    I did not do well n Tru-thyroid my TSH went up to 11.5
    However the pot I took had no date or batch number on it. More reciently I found a pot with a batch number and expiry date, do you think the pills will be the new type and any better?
    I have had no reply from Pimpom.

    • L S-L

      Hi TSJ!

      I don’t know that, I am sorry. If it was shipped to you after 1/7 20, then it is the new type. But I don’t know if it makes a difference either. I am very confused about Tru, as it felt so potent when I first tried it. But then my levels fell. I would not think that many will buy Tru now Thyroid S is back and one can get it directly from the producer. Did you pick up on that? Did you see the e mail adr over?

      Blessings, Liv

  11. Julie Anne Quaid

    I tried Tru thyroid and I am really quite ill now. I am in a constant state of anxiety and exhaustion. When I purchased it I had read that it was about the same as thyroid-s so I took the same 2 grains. I just had my TSH checked and it is 13!!! Up from 0.01. I feel awful. I will up my dose in the hopes it does something at least until the thyroid-s arrives. I literally feel like I am dying 🙁

    • L S-L

      Hi Julie!

      This is not good. If it is one thing I hope to impart to as many as possible, it’s taking one’s vitals. That is, temperature, pulse and some also do their blood pressure. A morning temp under 36,5 is under dose for sure. And it is better at 36,7 or 36,8. When it comes to pulse, it’s more individual. One needs to find one’s own sweet spot. I need to be at 70 or 72 in morning pulse, and 78 to 82 in the daytime. If one follows one’s vitals, one never gets to where you are now.

      Sounds like you need to at least double your dose, to 8 tablets. I would take temp and pulse morning and afternoon and dose after that every day. I say that because I suspect, that TRU is not consistent, that it contains the same amount across pills.

      2 grains is a very low dose, so if your levels are normally optimal on that dose, that means you probably produce some hormone yourself. Your levels could also be too low. I hope you know what are optimal levels. If not, take a look at this post Optimal thyroid levels . You could be low on iodine and that could be why you are hypothyroid. I have a post on iodine for beginners as well.

      I hope you feel better, and that your Thyroid S comes very soon.

      Blessings Liv

  12. Alexandra Ayers

    Thank you for all the excellent information!

    • L S-L

      Thank you, Alexandra! It’s so encouraging to get a comment like that

      Blessings, Liv

  13. Alexandra

    I wrote to the email address you posted above, surang@sriprasit.com. I paid a significant amount of money and was told that my thyroid meds would arrive in 3 weeks. It’s now been over 6 weeks and the tracking number I was given says the meds never left Thailand. Buyer beware.

    • L S-L

      Hi Alexandra!

      Sriprasit is a company that has made NDT for years. They will not cheat you. Sounds like you haven’t contacted them. I think you should do that. I think it’s Covid that has happened. There is a large outbreak in Thailand at the moment. I don’t think you need to worry, not when it is a tracked shipment. Please report back, what happens.

      Blessings, Liv

  14. Joni

    Hi Liv, Thanks for the invaluable info! Just wanted to report that I successfully received my Thyroid-S order from Sriprasit within a week of first contacting them. Very friendly, fast and efficient service from them.

    • L S-L

      Hi Joni!
      Thank you so much for sharing that. I never heard back from Alexandra in the comment above. But I am pretty sure, it was a case of shipping delay. Thailand didn’t have much covid last year, they were hit this year. And had a huge, sudden increase of cases. It’s on the way down, but numbers are still high. So just keep that in mind.

      Be well, Liv

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