This is a post with more advanced info on iodine. It’s not the right post for you, if you just need some basic info on supplementing with iodine. I have a post for beginners, that I actually think everybody taking iodine should read, Iodine for beginners.  That is on how to supplement iodine safely, and special precautions in terms of the thyroid and thyroid antibodies.

I have a post on the iodine protocol as well, that is, the protocol for taking high doses of iodine, The iodine protocol


This is long post, so I have put in some links. So that you can scroll to what might be of particular interest. This is a post I will probably revise and add to as time goes on. I haven’t included THAT much on iodine and cancer. But some. There are a lot of positive findings on iodine and cancer. But the post would just become too long. There is a lot of info on cancer in some of the studies I link to though. 

The Wolff-Chaikoff effect

Is iodine converted to iodide in the GI tract?

The differences between iodide(I-) and  molecular iodine (I2) in the body

Povidone iodine (and Covid)

Antioxidant effects of iodine

How does iodine enter the cells?

Mammary glands and iodide vs iodine

Iodine and the immune system

Can thyroid hormones be produced outside of the thyroid?

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